Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday Morning

It has been a quiet day here at rehab. The day nurse was telling me that three patients have been admitted today and you can set a clock by their arrival, right at shift change. Last week I came in the late afternoon, so that didn't apply. The halls have been noisier with family and friends visiting loved ones. The interns and those who help with rehab are a little easier and funny than the usual week staff. Funny thing here, we all wear our bracelets and labels open to one and all to see our allergies or if we are fall risks or need lots of assistance and of course those every pesky flight risks. I had a safety moment Saturday before going to rehab. It was well done. Having a laid back schedule was so welcomed. Talked with Gale today. She is my NC Sunday School teacher. Judy C and I texted back and forth and Vivian sent an early encouraging text this morning. I am remembering that a year ago today, Darlene and Patsy were having a wonderful trip to the Biltmore and we took most of Saturday to do some sightseeing. The little store in Bat Cave was closing up last year but this year we wouldn't be able to get close to it due to the fires in the area. Sounds like rain will make an appearance on Tuesday and for this, we are most thankful.

The night nurse this evening is one of my favorites here. Before the holidays we were talking about how she became a nurse. Her story is one of those treasures that the Lord allows us to discover. I asked her how she became a nurse. Her confidience and demeanor makes her a picture perfect look of what you would want to have in a nurse. She shared that she had a young child and at that time she was making a living as a cashier. She had gone over to Memorial Hospital to take a CPR class and she saw a card...a postcard announcing new PCA classes that were going to be offered. She talked with the director of the program and was accepted. The director also found her a job with a Dr in the area and she would be able to support herself and her child as she went to school. She continued on by becoming an LN and working double shifts at the hospital on weekends, coming home on Sundays, studied for her tests and her young son miraculously found someone who would wrap up a plate of Sunday lunch so that he could feed his mom when she got home. Night nurse now has a son working on his masters and she is considering applying for nurse practitioner school. Such a small thing, a postcard announcing a class changed her life, changed life for her son. It wasn't easy. Her story so touched me and many a time I have thought about what she said and how life unfolded before her.
If there are asterisks that means it is a new day here on the ol' Monablog. There is a slip of morning left this Sunday. I have had OT and talked to my Sunday School class in NC. Roy has brought me coffee and my s-i-l and I have talked. Been a little reading and napping in this morning's activities as well. I was kind of dreading OT because at times it can be so boring...but Rachelle had me working with a ball and trampoline and of course all she did was endear me to her for that. I'll throw a ball a lot longer than I will build towers with golf balls. My night was pretty good and now that Nancy, s-i-l, explained to me why my body is doing different things to regain normalcy, with a better understanding I know maybe a little better how to deal with things.

Last night I realized if anyone wanted a good look at what fear looks like in all its forms, a rehab hospital just might bundle them up for you. Staff, doesn't matter. It is interesting to observe fear in its finer, seemingly less destructive form around here. You see a lot of manipulation of circumstances to achieve peace, inner peace. We all do this but say there is something you don't want to respond to or you don't want to justify or give an explanation for, fear gives an out and what is so funny, we think we are being so clever. This kind of manipulation is so easy to see thru. Fear allotment is what I call this, when you think someone or something is going to take from you time, schedule, words, whatever....the easiest way to use this fear is denial. So, around here you can ask a question and it might take you all day to ever get an answer because some think if there isn't a response, you'll forget or they can ignore and just excuse it all with, I have been busy or there is so much going on. Around here, the agenda sets the tone. So if there is something you want to express and that's all, things are quickly shifted into, oh yes, the next person, service or whatever will listen to that or help with that.

Time for BP.

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