Saturday, November 26, 2016

I'm Back!

I'm back!!!  Well, kind of back. I started this and then had to leave, so now I am back. Believe me I left for a glorious and wonderful reason that has to do with....let's see how shall I put this? Oh yes, in my least favorite expression of a word problem. A train is leaving for Seattle. Nancy has had surgery, change, stress and lot of work plus iron pills, painkillers, not as much normal schedule. Add the daily question of "have you" with the recent, "if you don't" to add to the day's concerns and learning curve. What time did the train arrive in Houston? Thankfully, I would say about 7:00 am, extra credit if you knew they made me drink warm prune juice last bonus points if you know I didn't put up much resistance to the idea. I just met today's nurse as I came out of the bathroom and announced this great good news to her and then said nice to meet you. I have probably been written down in some notes someplace.

There has been many a day I have written a blog post in my mind but never had the time or energy to write it down. I've taken some notes on my observations of being in a rehab hospital that over 80% are recovering from a stroke or some other impairment. You have to have another condition for admittance here. Bilateral knee replacements is my ticket. I have been here a week today and the program is excellent but they are not as well prepared for the tall or for the mentally sufficient. I'm learning very quickly to keep up with things because you do not want to admit around here you are confused cause that drops you in another pool. There is still a Dr here that is covering for my internal meds Dr that cannot decide whether I am really competent or a good faker. It doesn't take long for the RN's and nurses to see the conversations with them are real. I have had one scary PCA and would hope not to see her again in the rotation but if I did, what a difference a week makes. There was one "iffy" nurse and I think the combination of Thanksgiving, subs in PT and the like made that experience one I hope not to go through again.

If you are tall there is a lot of preparation  work you'll need to do beforehand because it will make recovery and pain a whole lot different.

It will be two weeks out of surgery on Tuesday. By this week Tuesday evening I had begun going to the bathroom at night alone, dressing myself and other little daily things we take for granted. I am trying to think outside the box and make things a little more creative for myself. I have met some incredibly gifted people in these service profressions. It is not a standard rule thing but what helps the patient. I have also met some of the most rigid, this is how we have always done it professsionals that are merely holding on, finishing out the working season of life. They almost pout when you go outside the lines coloring or stacking blocks. The last two therapists knew that is not what I needed and made therapy useful and helpful. The PT woman I work with is awesome and helping my recovery happen faster.

The coming weeks I anticipate going to out patient therapy and getting back to driving. Roy has been so supportive and helpful. He ended up taking off days when I was in the hospital because I needed an advocate and the rehab hospital is nearby his park and ride lot. So he comes to see me after work. We have had the holidays too freeing up his time. He had fun yesterday doing Black Friday shopping. We watched the first half of the LSU game...Geaux Tigers! My favorite part of his visits is when he prays for me.

I'm nearly finished with breakfast and will have a nurse visit soon. Then I will get semi cleaned up for the day. Just an hour and a half of therapy today. A shower after lunch...a walk with my honey this afternoon is all good because the train arrived in Houston at 7:00 am.

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