Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Evening Recap

Got my schedule for tomorrow and PT doesn't begin until 10:00, then I have a big break in the afternoon and will finish out with OT until 4:00. The hardest part of the day will be getting through OT. I have a feeling if I didn't have such a strong advocate in PT, OT would try to hold me back because I am breaking apart the criteria and breaking all the known therapy rules. It is obvious to anyone who watches me any length of time, there aren't any real concerns. Tomorrow I get to walk outside as well as work with a cane and begin making the switch from the walker to more moveablity.   Parts of OT want to see if I can still brush my teeth by myself. Oh my.....

The day could have started out really, really strained. The PNA bounded into the room, turning on lights and announcing she could not work in the dark. No good morning, nothing. When I responded back to her you could tell she was not expecting anyone functional or responsive...and there it started. My schedule didn't begin until 10:30 and she wasn't too happy that I didn't plan on getting ready until right before breakfast and then would continue my morning grooming afterwards. I did not see her again for a long time. Others brought things in or did vitals. She made my bed but didn't use clean sheets, just turned everything inside out. The day had gotten better with her as I resolved to show the love of Jesus to her but I was prepared to go all turn over the money changer tables if He gave me the nudge. She was one of the ones from last week that created quite a stir over who and who wasn't going to receive attention that day. I think her goal is to sit at the front desk as much as possible. There are very few like that around here and I was delighted later in the afternoon to spend some time with the woman in charge of the food service here and we had a great conversation and encouraged one another in the Lord.

Roy has been such a help and love these days here and I think he is like me, ready to move onto the home portion of this program. But me being here has been such a help for me and really for him. Kathleen and Peggy came by for a visit today. Very fun and filled with DC treats.

That is about it. I have pondered many things today and had the opportunity for praying. So thankful and grateful to the Lord and His arrangements. He is so good!

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