Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thoughts On A Tuesday

Good morning from the world of beige land, Rancho de Five. Although Christmas wreaths and trees are up at most entrances into the neighborhoods around here. Warm and muggy, with a slight cool breeze at time invades physically but the sight for eyes is red and green at almost every turn. The signs are up advertising light installations and removal for Christmas. That is big around here, white lights along the roof line. It is pretty. I'm blogging from Roy's study and the view from the windows is now covered by big leafy trees. I can't even see across the water feature but when the leaves fall, I will be able to once again squint my eyes on foggy mornings and make the roof tops across the way become a version of Blue Ridge Mountains.

Yesterday was an interesting and long visit to see my GP and get clearance for surgery. When she first came in the little room, she was on edge and really quite upset that she is having to do the EKG and asking all manner of questions about why the cardiologist office isn't doing this. I explained the situation and she sent in her nurse to do the EKG, only thing it took six attempts to get a good reading. I began wondering if it was me, if my heart was producing the bad readings, but after bringing in another tech with worse results with an older machine and finally one last ditch effort with another nurse or tech assisting, they got an acceptable reading. I could never get an answer if it was me, tech, or machine. In today's litigiousness world, I don't think a definitive answer could be given to me. Thus I came home a little worried and a tad upset. Of course imagined aches and pains began arising. I very rarely travel down this road of thinking. I do know this, all that retaking with no one telling me anything wore me out. When the offices open I will make some calls to the orthopedic and cardiologist offices.

Before heading over to the doctor office, I stopped in at Whole Earth Provisions to see if any Flax clothes were on sale. Yes, I am happy with what I bought but I asked if they were discontinuing Flax because the fall line was dismal. They assured me that their location hadn't received shipment yet and that Flax is one of their best selling brands. Going to The Galleria area was full blown immersion into Houston traffic. Had to make a couple of assertive moves on San Felipe but for the most part I was able to keep calm and collected while revisiting an area in me that needs lots of patience. So many buildings have been torn down and apartments or condos have replaced them. Many of those houses in the Briar Grove area have seen many residents and updates since we lived on Winrock our first few years of married life. Looks like the constant has been foundation problems. When I was younger I loved being in the center of busy life and traffic, close to restaurants and to shops. Now, well, I'd rather be out in the country, in the mountains of NC.

Today marks the five year anniversary of my mother's passing. She passed away around 6:30 am and one friend wrote me these words which still give me great comfort, she found her joy, because joy comes in the morning. I think about my mom a lot and remember her fascination with birds and her garden. She loved moving those plants around her yard. In the last house my parents owned, the backyard looked like a park. Even in the throes of Alzheimer's, she was able to keep up with her flowers for quite a bit of time.

Today, also is the day that our nation has either been looking forward to or dreading.

Well my yogurt and granola are calling me to breakfast and then I hope to finish up a few things around here.

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