Saturday, November 12, 2016

Taking Care Of The Particulars

This morning I came across some workout capris that will work perfectly for the next few weeks. I'm trying to get my mind around what I need to take to the hospital and what I will need for the rehab hospital...I am packing by faith. I woke up really early this morning and used the time to read and ease into the day. I waited to run to the grocery store till after 10:30 because doctors and hospitals seem to call between the 9:00-10:30 time slot. But no, not today. Roy shops at a newer Kroger that is HUGE! I think it is a Kroger Plus store but I went to the tried and true Kroger that I always went to this morning. They have rearranged and remodeled, but I was able to find my way around quite nicely. During this season it seems Roy and I get hooked on peppermint ice cream and the Kroger brand is pretty darn good. Roy had mentioned he would stop at the store on his way home from a Bible study meeting and prayer time. I called him to let him know he didn't need to stop and then he asked....did you buy mouthwash? Uh no, didn't know he needed any and mentioned the bottle I saw on his counter top but he informed me the Walmart brand of mouthwash had a moldy look in the top of the cap. Ugh! Always go with name brand mouthwash.

Well, it is Friday evening. The recliner we bought last Saturday is positioned just right to look out our back windows. We are fortunate, even though we have houses right behind us, that there is a good size clearing to see the sky from this chair. I have enjoyed watching the changing of the clouds and the color of the skies from the sunsets. This will be a great seat when I am rehabbing the knees. It's like our home in NC, the recliner there is situated to look out one of the front windows and I have seen many a rainbow from that point.

Today I began with a hair appointment at Emmanuel with Stevie. It has been a long time since I have had highlights just due to schedule etc...Lisa and I were supposed to meet for lunch afterwards but Lisa had a change in plans. I walked around a bit, stopped in Sephora and then had lunch at Las Alamedas. They have brunch now on Saturdays as well as Sundays. The best of both food worlds pancakes and salsa and chips. I have some happy Saturday mornings to look forward to.

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