Friday, November 4, 2016

Joint Camp But No T-Shirt

I am so thankful that my session of joint camp today is the afternoon session. I didn't stay up and watch the ending to the World Series Game 7 but went to bed before the home 9th and hoped the Cubbies could pull out a win. As I was falling asleep I heard the vibrations of my phone indicating text messages but resisted the urge to check. Then in the middle of the night I looked at my phone and saw that the Cubs had produced a victory. For this I was so happy. My cousins are Cubs fans and once in Chicago for a conference, Roy and I bought tickets and had a great time at Wrigley Field. It was a cool to cold October evening.

It wasn't the best night's sleep for me because Buddy was restless and my arms just couldn't take the awkward positioning that she wanted. Desperate for sleep, I got up and put some sleepy essential oils on a wash cloth and breathed in deeply. I was taking a chance because Roy has become so sensitive to fragrances but he didn't wake up complaining about it.

Also, this just in, I am officially temporarily handicapped till May 2017...well, parking wise that is. Went over to the Katy courthouse and turned in my prescription for the temporary placards. I don't know how I got the extra month but I am thankful for it. The clerk helping me gave me instructions for getting a permanent tag to which I responded, I didn't want the permanent status cause of what that implied. Maybe that's why I got an extra month, who knows but remembering how God arranges I had prayed for the right clerk when my number was called. This touch screen system is really so much better than standing in long lines.

I used my placard at Whole Foods mainly because I couldn't find a parking place that I could park SequishShawn. I think WF makes their spaces smaller to promote driving hybrids or smaller cars. No one ever thinks about tall people needing the space in bigger vehicles. With the additional heat for me to sustain and because my knees are locking up more than ever, I don't think anyone would doubt I was using the space illegally. When I went to Home Goods, I just parked in a regular spot. Oh Katy Home Goods, you are the best! Except the container I was looking for to put Buddy's food in was no where to be found but I found a lot of other things I didn't even know we needed. It's kind of like Roy who has become a gadget guru or gadget guy. We have digital thermometers in so many rooms. Why? The kitchen is now tricked out with every kind of gadget known to man. I am no better though, but my gadgets lean toward anything that organizes books and the like into a better stacks for easy finding and using.
Oh overcast Friday morning. What a wonderful day to stay in. I was pretty much gone yesterday from late morning until early evening. That is tough on me these days. But Joint Camp was really good, but no tshirt. In prescreening I was able to get my blood work done and answer a million questions. While the nurse took care of a phone call she let me read my cardiologist's clearance for me. It was very factual but said I was a very pleasant patient. I thought of the old Seinfeld episode when Elaine's chart says she is difficult. Then we had camp where the pain medication nurse spoke to us, I want her to be my BFF in the hospital, case manager and PT person whose group works with my Dr. The universal greeting to me from hospital and doctor staff is, are you still going to do both knees? The PT person told me in her sixteen years she has never seen a bilateral knee replacements patient go home for rehab...I feel like she has thrown down the gauntlet. I'm glad I have been doing strengthening exercises since July and that I have good upper body strength..

I am happy I have only a few more necessary appointments for all this next week but I have more time to be footloose and fancy free. Peggy and I went to Lupe's on Wednesday but I still need at Tony's Mexican Food cheese enchiladas fix. Roy and I are going chair shopping tomorrow. Next week I will hit the Galleria and The Nord.

Back here in the Lone Star State and happy to finally get this season moving not to be in so much pain. Looking forward to seeing friends at church on Sunday yet at the same time missing my Sunday School class at home.

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