Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thinking And Praying, Singing and Dancing

Leaving the mountains is always difficult for me on many levels but the descent from mountain beauty to the flat land of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas is too much to take sometimes. I intended to blog a little each night on the road but dang if I was pretty much tired and not able to concentrate. I did do some shopping along the way and had some delicious meals. There was a lot of down time while driving. Did have some phone conversations but not as many as I anticipated to make.There are lots of things to think about and pray over. There were a lot of songs to be sung, really loud and as usual, a little bit of car dancing to round out the time.

Each state has its own car language. In NC, people will pull out in front of you with barely room and time to spare. It's because there are too many cars for the infrastructure and not enough traffic lights to give a little break in the traffic, so people do some wild pulling out in front of. Tennessee seems to have a combination of Texas and Louisiana traits. On the freeways in Louisiana, I 10 especially people pull right behind you, and  intimidate you to move over. Sometimes I couldn't even see them because the cars were so little behind my big truck. I don't camp out in the left lane but sometimes it take a little bit of time to get around a bunch of slow moving cars and trucks. Texans see an inch in front of you and think it is enough room to pull in. Coming into Houston today wasn't too bad. I left Covington around 5:30 am with only one stop, Buc-ees and I got home a little before 11:00. I've been trying to bring things in a little at a time but I will wait for Roy to get home to help unload the back of the truck.

Buddy was so happy to see me and I, her. We sat together for the longest time. I think she is pretty darn happy to have me back. The little LSU tiger that Roy brought her from the football game several weeks ago is already missing an ear. Good old Buddy. Since I hadn't seen rain in so long, I didn't understand what these drops of water were coming out of the sky. We had a tad of rain and I noticed the tree in the back isn't doing well and we will need to water it.
It is Wednesday morning and I slept very, very well. Monday night sleep was difficult with all the air conditioning noise. The Holiday Inn Express in Covington is an almost new hotel and should not be having the problems it seems to have. I think consistently the Holiday Inn Express in Ooltewah is the best one we have stayed in, well in the Express Hotel genre.

I was so happy to see Roy last night and not because he was bringing home dinner. And not because he carried in all the stuff from the truck. Our schedules have meshed for years but now we have to get used to each other's individual schedules. It will all work out, probably about the time for me to return home to the mountains. Ha ha!

Double checked with doctors and everything is good to go for joint camp tomorrow. So this afternoon I will be out and about because Chris comes to clean. I worked on getting things put away last night that would affect today. Now to find where I packed my capris. It will be rather warm here today.

My brother and I were talking the other day as he drove back home to Nashville from Houston. Neither one of us minds the drives because it is good think time, pray time, dance in the car time, and sing as loud as you want time. I mean you have to be able to entertain yourself on that long drive through Alabama. That is one of the most boring Interstate drives around and Mississippi is just a tad better. To be fair, Louisiana and Texas on I 10 is one of the WORST drives ever! The traffic is horrible with the constant in and outs in the lanes, see above mention of tailgating, and a whole lot more 18 wheelers. Buc-ees is the reward both going and coming on I 10. I need to go check on the progress of Buc-ees being built in Katy.

Brenda R called yesterday while I drove through the area that is filled with refineries to let me know to keep my truck gassed up because there were problems once again with the Colonial Pipeline. I hate that my NC friends will go through another shortage this being the second one in two months time. Thankful, I did not change my dates for leaving cause I would have been smack dab in the middle of Alabama and they too are suffering from this break....cause it happened in their state. I told Brenda that I was in the midst of where the pipeline begins but didn't have the heart to tell her gas is $1.83.

Well, I will finish up my coffee we made this morning from Smokey Mountain Roasters. Maybe have an apple cider donut with my yogurt.

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