Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Saturday evening Roy and I brought some Goode Company home for dinner. When we rolled into the parking lot we were greeted by casserole lady and her family. She has a daughter and two grandsons. CL was eager to introduce her grandchildren to Roy and I hope we were not too obnoxious in how we were trying to prolong procuring our dinner out of the car as not to ride up in the elevator with them all. It was too painful to stand around and act busy, so Roy decided he would run up the stairs with dinner while I picked up the mail and came around from the other side of the building. That was total trust that CL would not throw herself into Roy's arms thus ruining dinner. Roy must have had his track shoes on because he got up the stairs, kept Buddy from running out into the hall and didn't drop our barbecue on the floor. Not bad for a man who has a low white blood count.

A couple of Friday nights ago while Roy was at the Rice baseball game, I took a quick trip over to the play grocery store. While there I ran into two tennis friends, Philippa and Margaret. They are the two pros I played with in my tennis days. Over in the bakery aisle we caught up with one another's lives. They filled me in on everyone from the club. Psycho Sue no longer plays league, just drills and she is a grandmother. Patt with 2 t's doesn't speak to them anymore but there for a while stalked them, then she would be seen and as fast as her 120 year old legs would carry her, she ran away. Patty still lives the mysterious Soprano life and others do more traveling than playing now. In fact, they were trying to talk me into taking drill with them cause they don't play league anymore. It was very touching to hear that a week doesn't go by where they mention something about me or laugh over long ago stories and jokes. That is nothing but the Lord and to Him I am grateful. I continue to pray for these women and know they will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

On Friday we bought a sound system for our iPods...well my iPod. Roy's doesn't have a bit of music on his except for the Smith Band, the only music CD he has ever bought in his life. His iPod has financial podcasts, webcasts from the Big 4, the Bible, and all his collection of Bible teachers and speakers. Mine is filled with music, CD studies I bought from Living Proof, and a few podcasts. I wonder if my neighbors can hear Sheila E...I wonder if my across the way neighbors can see my air drumming. Note to self, close mini blinds before letting the music in me.

I am still at work. I am waiting for a couple returning Financial Peace DVD's. At lunch I made a quick trip to Memorial City, more specifically Macy's. First day of a big sale, OK I know, what Wednesday is not a day of a big sale at Macy's? I found a pair of Michael Kors jeans deeply discounted and 35 inches in length, can I hear a Praise Him! Also found a couple of blouses and some cute PJ's. Love when that all falls together at a discount. On Friday I will be going to The Nord. It is the 4 day customer event. I have made my appointment with Penny so I will get my 2 free dinner cards for The Bistro.

I deleted a few sentences from last night's blog this morning. I wrote a few things I should have never said. I apologize for letting my tiredness cloud any good judgement I have.

Friday night I am going to hear Point of Grace and Selah at Second Baptist. Looking forward to hearing them.

Got an email today asking if I would sub in the 6th grade dept Sunday. Allen said if I said yes, he would send me the material. Uh no sir, let me see the material before I say yes. For all I know it is True Love Waits Sunday or Now That You are a Woman or tween Sunday... or a frank discussion of how far is too far when on a date. Not interested in being the one teaching any of those subjects. This week's lesson is when Jesus turned the water into wine and that could be iffy with me teaching. No not really. I am looking forward to Sunday. I know several of the girls at the table, so that is very helpful.

Once again I am all over the place in subject matter and yes I am still on Ultram ER 200.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


OK, this post is going to be all over the place, but not like when I am totally A D D, just have had a lot of thoughts running through my mind this past week and really no time to sit down and blog them. Which reminds me and I wish I had a picture of this to post on the blog. Yesterday, I went up to the third floor to buy my youth mission supporting Diet Coke. Except for Tuesdays which is Linda's day off, I stop by to visit with Linda. We have been friends for a lot of years and share some great funny history together. She walked with me to the mission support Coke machine and as we were coming back, she asked Harlie if he would help her move this, shall I describe it???? She asked Harlie to help move this rather large velvet curtain suspended between two poles. My help in the whole project was holding up the curtains well that is kind of helping. There was a little ridge in the floor that the stand would not scoot over, so Linda is bent over holding onto the pole trying to move it over the little ridge and that would have made a good picture with the caption, Linda doing new trendy workout on the stripper pole. If I had that picture, I could have blogged her up real good.

We have storage issues at church...meaning we don't have any storage. We are good to use every nook and cranny. There is a storage area on the third floor that belongs to MYA, Jason and Media. I hate that closet and won't go into it because of my GREAT fear of mice and I cannot even think of the other vermin that inhabits that area. So Jason went up there and got a lot of his stuff out and in the mad cleaning spree, he came across a MYA Pictorial Directory from 1990. Contained in said directory is one of the worst pictures we have ever taken together. All my young 20 something co-workers were having fit over the pictures of those they knew in that directory. Olan Mill pictorials are some good laughs. My hair was really short and permed with a fly wedge to one side. Picture the front of the FLDS women's hair and that is how mine looked except there wasn't any long hair braided up in the back. I didn't have a prairie dress on although that was the style back then. Lots of lace collars, big hair, with bows. I told the girls in the office I have also had long hair in my life and brought a couple of lovely pics for them to see and I will share with you now.

This is from my crazy friend Debbie's wedding. Roy was an usher and I was a bridesmaid. Notice those 1980 wings on my hair. Roy has on BIG, GINOURMOUS glasses, but it was the rage back then.

This picture was taken when I was 39 or 40. I wanted to have longer hair one last time. I hardly ever wore it down like this. It was in a ponytail with a hat. I played tennis all the time and only had to worry about my hair on Sundays. Roy is still wearing big glasses but I promise you all they are smaller than the first really, I would not lie about this.

Saturday at the Play Grocery store, I saw a woman maybe a little older than me who has had at least 3 or 4 plastic surgeries and this seemed like about 2 too many. She had long, red I Love Lucy hair with the front of her hair pulled back into a clip....shudder... She had short, short, shorts with white, white old legs....shudder even more. Her eyelashes were Tammye Faye vintage and her eye makeup was out of 1979. Her lipstick....fiery red over some big ol' huge and our word of the day at the office, honkin' collagen filled lips. A little Mommie Dearest 2.0 on steroids. I was scared two lanes over and she was kind of like a train wreck where I could not stop looking at her.

Since I am motivated and focused on these pain meds for my knees, I have been on a decluttering frenzy at home and at work. Roy came home on Saturday and joined right in helping me pick up stuff, throw away magazines I will never find time to read, and just do general cleaning. He had been at the office all day working on getting the bugs out of a new software system and doing whatever else he does. I told you I don't understand his job. I am so thankful for him. He is a good man all the way around. He loves me and put up with me when I was very rough around the edges. A lot of times young unmarried women say to me, "I want to marry a man just like Roy." Darlin', he did not come this way and if you are thinking I speak out of turn, I was not my cute, bubbly funny self when we first met.

Sometimes after reading some blogs I realize my under using of the words, precious, sweet, tears falling down my face even now, treasure, cherish, lovely and other such adjectives. I told Lisa P the other day at Los Cucos, she needed to improve her under usage of those words as well. Lisa and I seem to be women who say, sweat, all up n here, chicky, hot chocy, lawh, and snot.

I had my PDR with Jason yesterday. He wore a tie in honor of the occasion. This is the review process at work which is done once a year. Mine went well, but ya never know. One of the things I brought up is my computer which is actually run by hamsters in a wheel. It freezes up many times in a day, but I think it only happens when the hamsters take a break. So it looks like that might be something taken care of in the new budget year which begins in July.

This blog is stinkin' funny and a crack up to read. His ode to a crock pot is good.

My new addiction renewed is The Container Store. I promise you, I went in there yesterday to buy two things. TWO things. $135.00 later I had a big old bag full of stuff. Now I would have stuck to my two things if the ever so kind, grandmotherly woman had not come up to me and said, have you received one of our tracts? I mean sales brochures? Apparently, I am living one disorganized life, even with my new life on medicine. Sadly, several of the storage containers I brought home caught Roy's attention and he would like for me to go back and get more. I am taking several potential converts, I mean friends for support to stop me from being addicted to the thought of organization and it being achieved in my lifetime with the helpful products of The Container Store. And this doesn't even help, there is a DSW next door.

Loves me some coupons and I had some for Border's. Since Roy was spending Sunday in deep study for his last Sunday School lesson for his last class, Dena and I went out for lunch after church. Got some Mexican food in us and headed for the Border, Border's on Kirby. Got a couple of good deals for 75% off. Love those kind of deals. Picked up Young Frankenstein DVD for $5.99.

I am worn out, well not really or I wouldn't be blogging, but I got into what I thought was a conversation, but really turned into a unwanted teaching session today over Dave Ramsey. Love Fin Peace, but as Roy says, you don't need to walk by faith with Dave's program. I think I have mentioned it before but this is what Roy refers to as hunting without a gun. There is no room for the supernatural, overflowing goodness of God. There is the tendency to talk about the power of God, but afraid to really declare it and live it out. I kept telling the person who wanted to teach me not talk to me, I am agreeing with you, but I am here to tell you there is more, there is another step after Dave. I don't think this person ever got what I was saying and probably thinks I am mislead. I kept saying I am not talking about the health and wealth gospel, I am talking about being grateful to God and in turns this overflows into love which makes us filled to live generous lives.

Well, this post has gone on long enough. I haven't even written about running into two good tennis friends over a week ago, the new ice cube making machine, the sound system we bought to plug our iPods in for music all over our home, the three new skirts I found at Cato, and a whole lot of other stuff. Guess it is for blogging about later. Oh Missy, Dena didn't live in Stillwater, but her sister and brother in law did. He is a minister of music and he was there, but is now in College Station.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Won't Make You Cry Onion Pie

Dena sent me the recipe today. Enjoy!

Onion Pie from cookbook published by First Baptist Church, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 1992

3 c. onions, sliced
1/4 c. butter
1/2 lb cheddar cheese, grated
1.5 c. milk, scalded
3 eggs, beaten
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 c butter
30 small crackers, crushed

Note about the crust: The cracker crumb crust is more trouble than I care for the in kitchen, so I use Pillsbury crescent dinner rolls as the crust. Just press them into a pie plate until bottom of plate is covered. They make a great crust!

Mix cracker crumbs in 1/2 butter and press into greased, shallow 2 qt baking dish. Saute sliced onions in 1/4 c butter, then pour over crackers. Sprinkle the grated cheese over the onions.

Mix milk, eggs, salt, pepper. Pour over cheese.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until it is set.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Glamorous Life

Shoe Farts, Get Out of That Pit and Other Stuff

I pulled out a pair of sandals that I bought last year and wore them today. I remember thinking to myself why haven't I worn these yet? Today at work I soon remembered why, cause those shoes cause shoe farts. That little noise that might make some wonder. Of course I blurt out it was my shoe. I promise my shoes are making shoe fart noise.

Yesterday Lisa P, Jenea and I were talking music and somehow Sheila E came up. She sang with Prince and had her own band. She sings lead and plays drums at the same time. Probably her most famous song was The Glamorous Life. Last night I decided the song was worth a 99 cents download from iTunes. While folding laundry I had that turned up on my iPod and there were times I had to quite folding t shirts and do a little Sheila E air drum. Man, I was playing some mean air percussion and so involved in my technique, I didn't hear Roy come in the front door. He about scared the pee waddling' out of me. Air drum is usually a private thing.

Today was our last session of Get Out of That Pit. We are a changed group. It was a great study and we were sad to see it end, but joyful in knowing we are surrounded with songs of deliverance. After my air drum embarrassment, I went back to our bedroom and began looking through my iPod listening to songs that have been songs of deliverance for me. While in the midst of the trial I listened to those songs and cried at the first note. Then it gave me strength and last night hearing those songs that had carried me through tough times, there was joy and rejoicing that God got me through to the other side of the pain. My music choices last night were all over the genres of style. I listed to an organ piece Tocatta and ran the gammet to Yolanda Adams singing Afterwhile.

After a while, after a while
This too shall pass After a while
Scars will heal, you’ll love again
It won’t hurt you after a while
It won’t hurt after a while
Stuck between if and when
You pray and tried But still no end
God’s purpose soon you’ll understand
It won’t hurt you after a while
It won’t hurt you after a while
So when the pain has come to an end
And now your heart is whole again
Help someone who needs to know
That it won’t hurt them after a while
It won’t hurt them after a while
It wont hurt them after a while

Those words are just too good not to include. We are wired by God to respond to music. Nothing will lift us out of the dull drums like good Gospel, Hyms, and Praise and Worship music. I was so filled with joy last night, I had a difficult time falling asleep. I would have stayed up and praised Him more, but getting up for work called out too loudly for me to ignore.

Had the peach butter on my toast this morning. Slap your mama good. Tonight for dinner I had tomatoes on fresh soft white bread. I went really Southern tonight in my dinner choice.

Funny thing, this morning while getting ready, I began to think through some stuff that aggrevates the tarnation out of me. I finally had to stop, sit still and confess to the Lord. How could I be doing all this stinkin' thinkin' after having such a wonderful praise time with Him last night? That stupid enemy was trying to get me off track before I even hit the door at church. Saw that pit and made quick steps away from the hole.

I will be doing some shopping in Sugarland in the morning. My hair salon finally made the move, so I will be out that way in the morning. I have a few names of places to try closer to our home.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking for a Tonto

The second and fourth Tuesdays of the month is Ministries Staff meeting. This being the fourth Tuesday of the month means we met. I have learned many things through out the years from staff meetings but one of the best things I learned from Michelle is checking off the list as we go from item to item. This was an especially long morning for me because I picked up the Starbucks Travelers and donuts from Shipleys for our meeting. New Chad or ChadO, the Minister of Children's Programming did the devo this morning. He had asked in advance for us to write down our weaknesses on a 3x5 card. Being obedient is not our staff strong suit. I wrote down my weakness is making a list of my weaknesses. We had one staff member who didn't do the request but brought cards for everyone else to do theirs. Undaunted, ChadO went on with his devotion. It was good, very good. He then asked if God would let us create one thing that would help us with our weakness what would it be. Several answered and then I gave my answer. I would create a wife. Yes, I need a wife in the worst way. I need a helpmate and it is not good for me to be alone when I try to organize, clean or strategically plan a week ahead in life. All the men in the room went silent. It was as if I had stomped on some kind of sacred ground. So, I quickly amended that I only needed a wife to help me, I wasn't interested in anything else. Still cold silence...Eric volunteered that maybe I was looking for a domestic partner. No!!!! Not interested in that. I realized I had better think of something cause the men weren't too open to the fact that maybe women would like a helper, so I volunteered the term Tonto. I need a Tonto. Tonto was the Lone Ranger's faithful companion. Once I said I needed a Tonto, things seem to get back to normal quickly and ChadO finished up his devotion. But really, there are times a Tonto would come in really handy. Roy told me the men were upset cause I didn't say I needed a husband to supervise. As I am busy writing that he said, I thought that was good. I told him what do you think I am doing, I am putting that statement in the blog.

I am not man bashing at all, I just need help in doing life. Roy helps out a lot. He is a good and wonderful husband, but I need someone to do the baseboards, cook, iron and help out with the grocery shopping and budget. Oh Tonto, where are you?

We (Roy and I not Tonto) just ate some of the watermelon from Diorio Farms that Roy and not Tonto cut up. It's good. Dena said she made an onion pie with the onions she bought on Saturday. I had never heard of such a thing, but she said hers was delicious and real.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Perfect Saturday in Texas

Yesterday was perfect for taking in some of the sights just a little West of Houston. Dena called on Friday to see if I had any plans for Saturday. Well, I did, you know cleaning, laundry, and errands, but when she proposed a trip to Chappel Hill and the Brenham area, I reluctantly said yes to spending a day out in God's workmanship. OK, if you believe I reluctantly said yes, you don't know me very you?

It was a grand day to take Mustang Sally out on the road. I picked up Dena about 10:30 and we were off for some fun. Our first stop is the most important and foundational for the day, lunch. We decided Bever's was a great place to get some sustenance. Our timing was perfect, right before the lunch rush. And no stop at Bever's isn't complete without dessert. Dena got the French Silk pie and I got banana cream pie. That gave us the energy to go down the street and browse in a couple of shops. We both hit pay dirt and found some things we could not go home without.

Then we drove out to the Lavender farm. Again perfect timing cause we got there right before the bus of women from St. Cuthbert Episcopal Church arrived. I love iron pieces and found an unusual piece to add to my collection and Dena found some items as well to her liking. We took the back and scenic way to Washington on the Brazos State Park. I wish I could tell you we did the proud Texan thing and spent our time in the museum and the surrounding sites of interest this close to Texas Independence Day, but we mainly kept ourselves confined to the theme of the day, shopping. So we shopped in the museum gift shop where we found commemorative t-shirts to remember our day.

We headed toward downtown Brenham to do some shopping on the square. On our way into Brenham our progress was slowed by a trail ride. At first we were kind of grumbling about it, but then we did what others decided to do. Take pictures. We were stopped at one of the most beautiful and fully Texan photo ops. It was great! Cattle, longhorns and miniature donkeys grazing in a field of blue bonnets. With the trail ride off in a pasture, we headed on. We looked in a few shops along the square and did a check on time. Wow, where had the afternoon gone? We needed to amend our plans and decided against another scenic drive toward Independence, TX. We did try to find a friend's ranch, but I don't think we went far enough out.

So, we turned East back to Houston, but not before detouring into Hempstead to Diorio Farms. Now this surprised me, Dena hadn't ever been there. She went to A&M and passed by there back in the day. She was ever so glad to learn of the treasures that can be found there. Her most wonderful find of the day, green onions. I wish I had taken a picture of these green onions on steroids. Unbelievable! I got watermelon, tomatoes, blackberries, strawberry angel food cake, roasted peanuts, Peanut Brittle and some Peach Butter. It was a good day at the farm.

We got back on the road to Houston and decided that Mexican food would be the perfect end to a perfect day. Los Cucos fit the bill just fine.

With the exception of 290, we had the top down on the car all day. We were engaged in seeing all the beauty and taking in the rich country fragrance of clover, cut hay and flowers. I told Dena that the all the fresh air would make sleep come so quickly that evening. I could barely stay awake to wait for Roy to get home from the Rice baseball game. As soon as he hit the door, I fell fast asleep at 10:15 and did not wake up until 10:18 on Sunday morning. I might have slept longer but Roy thought he should wake me up. I did wake up once in the night and I found myself bathed in moonlight. I love it when the moon, the earth's rotation and the slant of the mini blinds lets that happen.

Here are some pictures of the fun.

Lavender growing in the field at the Lavender Farm. The Lavender Festival is the second weekend in August.
Dena needed to do a re-load of batteries for her camera.
A lazy day for some cattle lowing, but no baby awakes.
A field of Texas Blue Bonnets
Two little donkeys. They had been up at the fence earlier letting people pet them.

Dena in the lavender fields forever....
I don't know, but this is just pure dee Texas. Looks like a postcard picture.
More cattle and one very happy bull.

Made a note to go back to Diorio Farms more often. It is only a 45 minute drive from home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday Words

Wednesdays are long days work wise. I have a meeting tonight, COC which formerly was known as Committee on Committees has now simplified their name to Selection Committee. This is the first meeting with a new chairman and three new members. Looks to be a fun committee to take the minutes for again this year.

Each day I feel like I am more among the land of the living. Still have a cough, but otherwise I am feeling great. Even coming to church on Sunday, I was in a weakened condition and thought I might faint before making it into the building. Glad that feeling has dissipated as the days have gone by.

I have had my eye on a green Michael Kors jacket. I refuse to pay full price for the thing cause it is over-priced. Last Friday in between my brow appointment and my SPA appointment I went to see if it had gone on sale. Praise Him! Yes, Penny told me they had just marked the jacket down that morning. And even better, I had $40.00 in Nordstrom Notes to bring the price down even further. After church on Sunday Dena and I ate at Molina's. Toward the end of lunch, she asked if I had any time to go see a new shop she had found. Believe me, it was worth the delay on my nap. This little shop has cute purses, jewelry, scarfs, and all kinds of neat little stuff and it is priced well i.e. cheaply. I got a couple of necklaces and some earrings. She got a really cute purse. It is on Richmond and Post Oak, in the shopping center with the 24 Hour Fitness. If you are out and about that way you should drop and shop there. Of course I can't remember the name of the place.

Today at lunch I ran to Target and bought a new microwave and an ice maker. I am really kind of excited over the ice maker. We have heard horror stories of installing ice makers in our old condos, so we never have done that. So we keep a bag of ice in the freezer but that gets old dragging out the bag etc. So, this ice maker is a table top deal and can make cubes in 7 minutes. I will let you know if this was a good thing or not. Yesterday, we had our new refrigerator delivered, so we are back in the cold.

Haven't really had too much to blog about, so I will just fill in the boring details of daily life. Work has slowed done enough for me to get caught up.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Blogaversary and Other Randomness

I have officially been blogging a year. My first short post was on April 12, 2007. It isn't even interesting enough to link it. If I had even given this anniversary any prior thought this particular post would be witty, funny, honoring and insightful. Oh well, I can anticipate the two year anniversary and be better prepared.

You have to love the link and connection blogging brings. We keep up with friends we know in person, become better acquainted and more understanding of those we have known in life but maybe never really understood, and friends we have made purely through blogging. Like you I have a list of blogs I read and never have commented on or if I have they haven't a clue to who I am other than a reader.

So yesterday was my outsourcing day at The Nord. Charles did my brows and lips at 10:00 and I had a 11:00 Spa appointment with Stacy. To make sure some coughing fit didn't ensue in any of the outsourcing projects I took a ton of cough syrup before leaving and my companion of the morning was the ever constant Hall's Mentho-Lyptus Drops. I found out later when you have those drops in your mouth for hours, nothing tastes good for the rest of the day. They did the job though.

The other night while in the throes of having a cold and in desperation I pulled out the faithful and trusty Vicks VaPo Rub. If you put it on your feet with socks, you do stop coughing. The haunting scent of Vicks brought back memoires of a SNL Sketch of Lisa Loopner and Todd. One of my all time favorite SNL sketches from back in the day. If this comes up with error click on the screen again and it should play.

Here is to another fun year of blogging.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Crawling Back to Life

I am crawling back to life little by little. I actually went back to work today and only lasted for about half of it. Jason introduced himself to me when he came in and he didn't make one sarcastic comment about being out for so long cause I think he knew just how sick I have been. It was great seeing all my friends and co-workers. Didn't get too much of a chance to catch up with them, but it was wonderful to see their smiling, young faces. I was determined to get in for Get Out of That Pit. I love the small group of women who are attending. We watched part of the DVD today and had lively and interesting discussion this morning. All of us are anxious for next week when we begin studying how God deliverers us from the pit. I've read ahead and it turns out good.

Yesterday Lisa P called and made mention of something that happened last Friday. She was certain I would blog about it and until she mentioned the "thing" I hadn't even given it another thought. We hadn't even mentioned it at lunch, but we were laughing heartily about it yesterday. So here it goes. Dena and Lisa were in their cars and came to pick me up for our snack lunch. I had returned home from Outlet Mall and Kroger's. They had been at Chuck Caldwell's memorial service. It had started to rain, so I came out the front door and got into Dena's car. She and Lisa were in conversation by phone. Last minute are you sures and stuff like that... anyway, as we are sitting there and they are talking, I watch this older woman come out the front door and she is making a bee line straight to Dena's back door. She opens the door and begins to get in when she realizes and we realize, she is getting into the wrong car. Lisa said she was howling with laughter in her car and Dena and I laughed after the lady makes all kind of apologies and tries to get out of the backseat. I have never had anything like that happen before. Some people have robbers get in their cars, we just have confused and tottering old ladies.

Buddy has been thrilled to have me home so much. She has kept me company when I have been up and about and she kept her distance when I was sleeping. Which reminds me I need to go wake her up so that she won't prowl all night long.

Thanks to everyone who offered to bring me medicine and cook chicken soup. Those words lifted my spirit. And Amanda, I will be in touch and maybe we can do a lunch one Friday out your way. Would love to have lunch with you and the little mister. Maybe we can round up Michelle and her boys too.

I love that almost every body I have talked to who has gone to the Outlet Mall says there has been a line for the Coach store. Everyone I saw come out, didn't come out with a shopping bag that said Coach. Maybe the store is more like a Museum or something.

Roy should be home in a few minutes. He is going to help me clean up around the refrigerator. I think ours is on it's last legs, so got to get the Dyson out to clean the coils and stuff. Wouldn't want the repairman coming tomorrow to think we never do that....uh, maybe that's the problem.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Crud is Kicking my Butt

Friday night the crud got a hold of me and today, Tuesday, is the first day since then I feel like its grip on me has let go just a little bit. Not a whole lot, just a tad. This stuff has been kicking my butt every which way but Sunday. It was a surprise attack I would like to mention, but oversleeping on Friday should have been a huge hint for me, but I missed it. This crud has it all, runny nose, cough due to cold, then progressing to hacking up a lung, and coughing so hard you begin to throw up. Along with it came other symptoms of blinding dizziness, acute sleeping, fever and well let me see how I can put this delicately... I know, I wish I had bought the book I saw at Urban Outfitters, "What Your Poop Says About You." Believe me I would be fully informed on the subject. My mom's 79 birthday was Saturday and I did go over to see her and bring a gift and I would have won best performance of a sicky because I never once sniffed or coughed while there. My mom hears someone cough and the next day she is down for the count.

My medical supply situation became extreme yesterday afternoon when I no longer had any, at all, none, zip, zero, zilch, medicine in the house. I mapped out a trip to Walgreen's with plenty of getting ready time factored in. Once I woke up after my shower I realized Walgreen's was too adventuresome and I would have to be willing to pay prime dollar for cold medicine at the Rice Epicurean. About the time I was getting dressed for my errand, my fever decided to break and I was sweating up the joint like a big dog. I couldn't even get my hair dry cause as soon as it was dry, sweat was pouring off my head. My make up came drizzling down my face and my clothes were soaked. Nevertheless, I was undaunted in my hunt for relief. I have never been one to do drugs while growing up and my drug knowledge comes from movies, but if memory serves me correctly and I do believe it does, people in need of their next fix are sweating as much as me.

If my life were in movie form yesterday, this is when the music from Psycho would be cued and begin playing. Not the stabbing music, the music in the background when Janet Lee is driving across state lines with stolen money. Into the world of buff and fit bodies, housekeepers/cooks shopping for their employer, moms and kids getting afternoon snacks after school and the genteel older lady fresh from her Bridge game came, sweaty, out of my mind, snotty, wheezing and coughing me. I went straight to the cough due to cold aisle and picked up some $7.00 cough medicine, then went over for two cups of yogurt for Roy's breakfast and then express check out. I needed to break my $100.00 bill and so I put that sweaty bill into the palm of the surprised checker. She asked me, do you have anything smaller? No, No, NO, I do not have anything smaller, please just take the bill and give me my change. Of course she is using that pen all over that bill cause she has to be thinking some drug addict is trying to pass phony money. She calls over the manager to get some twenties. I realize I haven't had anything to eat so I go over to their ice cream/yogurt station. I can't remember for the life of me what size of ice cream Roy gets when he brings some home. I know it isn't any size that could be in Styrofoam containers. I frantically say to the woman helping me, oh I don't know what size, my husband always does this. I was almost panic stricken when she begins displaying all the different sizes of containers. I recognized the pint size and got some French Vanilla Fat Free Yogurt. Keep playing that Psycho music in your imagination cause I am in a total daze driving back home. By God's grace I get home safely, not endangering other lives, spoon out some yogurt, take my medicine, and then throw it all up. Didn't matter it got all over my clothes cause it was then I noticed that there wasn't one dry spot to be found on my shirt and pants. So, I just went to the Play Grocery store looking like I had wet my pants. I am surprised no one kindly directed me to the Depends aisle.

Things were not so dramatic this morning as I went to get my last injections for six weeks. Although I nearly fainted at the front desk. Lots of A/C and Diet Coke got me to Walgreen's to turn in my prescriptions which I hope Roy picks up on his way home tonight. I got home and fell into bed and just woke up about an hour ago. As I have been sitting here blogging another wave of dizziness and tiredness is hitting me. I have got to go back to bed. So I will end my post here.

More later!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Of Life, Plans, Friends and Fun

Roy didn't get home until after 9:00 last night. He has been putting in long hours because that is the nature of the beast right now. Several software systems being implemented with one going live in May and a quarterly close has most of Roy's attention right now. In our conversation last night he mentioned that it is difficult for him to do the hours along with the plethora of office politics and difficult for me since he's not around to do very much. It is a good thing I can spend lots of time alone, that I can always find something to amuse me and I have great friends who love to talk, eat and shop.

This week I have been planning my trip out to the new outlet mall in Fairfield. Had my map of the mall, the stores I wanted to visit circled and my time mapped out to get it all done in record time. The one thing I didn't plan was my oversleeping this morning until 9:00 am. I had just about decided to put off my excursion because the forcast forbode lots of hard rain. But by 10:30 I was dressed and headed out 290. Wow, I don't get out that way very often and so much has been built up on the feeder roads. I began to recognize subdivisions of co-workers and I cannot believe they make this drive in to work every day. My commute of 2 minutes sometime 5 if traffic is bad is nothing in comparison. There was still a bit of sunshine when I arrived, but dark clouds loomed out to the West. One decision became fairly easy for me, not to stand in the line around the building to get into the Coach store. Forget about it. I went into Michael Kors where I bought a large brownish tan purse, an additional 40% off and 3 pairs of shoes from the Clarke outlet for about $109.00 US dollars. Because of my knees and my desire for good health in them, I have had to change my shoe preferences. Lower or no heels helps or platform shoes seem to be the best choice for me. Sometimes when I think of Clarke's I can think of dowdy type shoes, but these shoes are stylish, fashionable and above all, deeply discounted. Went in to Eddie Bauers and New Balance to find some stuff for Roy, but I realized he needs to be there to try on and pick out shorts and shoes. I can pick out dress shirts and pants for problem, he takes my word they look nice. His casual wear, he is very particular about. I didn't go into very many of the stores, but I got what I had come for and left just as the skies darkened. I headed back into Houston and ran to the Kroger for a few groceries.

I just got in and had finished putting things up when my phone rang. It was Dena and Lisa P asking if I wanted to meet them for a quick snackie type lunch. Lisa wanted to go to the Ruggles Deli in Rice Village, but we talked her into Pot Belly in Uptown Park. We had a blast laughing and talking both serious and funny topics. Lisa shared her ice cream sandwich which is made from two of their cookies and ice cream. It was delicious. We had great fun reminiscing about our beignets in New Orleans and how our table looked like a battle zone once we were finished. The time went by too quickly.

Dena and I have decided to run some shopping errands and do a later type dinner this evening. That's what I mean about having friends to do things with while Roy puts in so much time. Then when Roy gets home tonight and asks about my day, I will have all kinds of fun things to tell him.

Last night I had a pedicure appointment at SPA Nord. I was Julia's last client and she spent a good hour and a half on readying my feet for summer. How relaxing to drink my Depth Recharger and have my feet renewed, massaged and polished. Now my feet are beautiful to bring good news.

Oh, Kelly, I will be doing the 7 thing this weekend and Dana, just about have my questions answered.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Invitation to Dine

Another set of injections down and only have one more set remaining. So far, very good. Once again I was with the halt and the lame since the Doctors were running an hour and a half behind schedule. Got my injections and refills for my pain pills and anti-inflamatories. Once again, youngest in the waiting room and I think if anyone had challenged me to a race down the hall, this would be one race I could win.

I called Jason to let him know I was stopping for lunch before coming back to the office. I was feeling a bit lightheaded and woozy. So, I decided to grab a bite at Sweet Tomatoes. It was after the lunch rush, so once again I found myself being the youngest person in the room Or maybe it was early dinner for most of the diners. ST began serving their lemon zest summer salad today and it is one of my favorites. Got my lunch and made my way to an empty booth. Set my tray down so that I could get some soup and muffins. I came back to the booth, got my meal arranged and I began to eat. Just about into my third bite of salad this man comes to my booth and says, "A lovely lady like you doesn't have to eat by herself." Of course I had already paid for my lunch, so it wasn't like the guy was going to treat or anything. Now you have to know before I go on with this story, the guy was a dufus. He had on ugly dingy cargo shorts and some huge ugly black t-shirt. He hadn't shaved in a couple of days and his beard growth isn't sexy beard growth, he just had that disheveled look. Now that I think about it, shaved probably wouldn't have been much a better look. I was nice but responded, "I don't have to eat by myself, I want to." He left and went toward the pasta. Meanwhile I realized that I had set on the wrong side of the booth. With my knees the way they are, sitting so my right arm bears the load is much better when I get out of a booth, so I changed sides of the booth and went on about my lunch. The man comes back down the aisle and heads to the booth of which I am now facing. He is sitting there with an older man. It occurs to me as dufus man begins talking that my move to the other side of the booth may look like I was faining interest and maybe playing hard to get. I never looked up from my food while he began his conversation with his friend. It was loud conversation all about boats and marinas and living on a big boat and trying to find a "gal" who would love to spend her retirement years sailing around the Gulf of Mexico. I never looked up. Besides, the guy was too cheap for me. He had it all figured out how to conserve his Social Security and his money from the VA. He just needed a little help to buy a boat and have it paid off by the time he retired in several years. It is then I should have volunteered, uh I work at a church and my salary is not sizable. Maybe I could get you a motorized boat for the bathtub...that's about it. When I finished lunch, I got up to leave and he said, we missed out by just that much having lunch with a lovely lady. I didn't comment, but I should have said, my husband doesn't let me eat lunch with other men. And yes, I had my wedding ring on.

Several years ago I was in a Christian book store and a guy began flirting with me. I was dressed in my tennis togs. As we talked about the Amplified Bible I was buying he said, maybe I could get your number and you can teach me to play tennis and then we can get dinner afterwards. Wow, I was flustered and flattered at the same time. I got all nervous and said...uh, my husband doesn't let me date. This man was nice and not a dufus and he was rather embarrassed, apologized profusely cause he had not seen a wedding ring. I had mine on, the strap of my back pack purse covered it.

No, this is not an April Fool's story. I think I must look friendly or something. I have received several invitations to join someone else eating alone. I rather like to eat alone and use the time to think or read. I figure others don't like eating alone or something. Who knows?