Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Thoughts, Volume 14

Autumn is my very favorite time of year and living where there isn't much fall doesn't diminish my fallish feelings.  One just needs to get creative in creating a short if almost nonexistent season around here.  Not being the type that goes overboard on decorating for the seasons, I do have a couple of mums, gourds, and fake fall foliage in and around the house. 

Last week we did experience the miracle of cooler temps.  In fact we sat around the outdoor fireplace a couple of times.  Friday, Dena came out in the afternoon.  We had lunch and then hit a couple of the cute little shops around here.  Since she hadn't seen Brookwood in a while, we made a stop out there.  Came back home for a bit and Roy suggested we try Dekker's Grill in Fulshear.  We got there a little before 6 and the wait was 35 minutes.  It was worth the wait and honestly the weight (gain) since the menu is a cornucopia of comfort food.  I know Roy would love a return trip and we'll have to go all senior citizen and go around 5:00.  We're hungry but not proud people.  Before going to Dekker's, we called Peggy to see if they would like to meet us there.  Wasn't going to work out but we'd check in later.  Peggy came over later, then Bill and his antiquing buddy.  Bill offered to give us a late night shopping experience at K T Antiques.  What a great time we had, well except for Peggy jamming her middle finger on the door.  Bill is such a fount of knowledge when it comes to antiques.  He pointed out various items and talked about the history of each one.  Roy opted out of the shopping experience.  Dena and I got home around 10:30.  We had such a fun day. 

I was worn out and on Saturday morning, I opted out of the going out to breakfast experience.  Roy decided he would go to this place in old Katy and check out their breakfast.  I was happy for him to do that since  I imagined this place to be full of stale ciggie smoke and he mentions every time we pass the place he would like to try it.  Roy said breakfast was really good, especially the grits.  That man knows the way to my breakfast heart, grits.  I asked if they were as good as Biltmore grits...his reply, no one does grits like the Biltmore.  Selah...and amen! 

Peggy and I did toesdays that afternoon.  I didn't really keep up with caring for my feet like I usually do.  So the pedi girl had a whole lot of extra work to do.  I will do better because I don't want to be banned from the nail salon. 

Sunday morning on our drive going to church, Roy and I had an interesting discussion.  Actually it wasn't a discussion, it was more like Roy expressing some very relevant and deeply insightful thoughts.  I mentioned an article I had read about women's ministry.  The woman writing it was asking for less cupcake decorating seminars and the like.  She wanted more in depth conversations about scripture.  She mentioned in the article that sometimes women's ministry forgets that there is more to ministry than just to marrieds and mothers.  There are others to consider, single, single mothers, women who want children but can't have them, women in the workplace etc...  The author though most ministry went to the married and moms.  I mentioned to Roy that when Peggy and I have done our Spring Thing,  Salad Fling as Mildred and Gertrude, we get the most feedback.  So many women come up to us afterwards to tell us that they have never felt like they fit into women's ministry.  Back in the day, it was pretty exclusive...women's ministry.  Seemed like you had to have a look, a vocabulary and come across as "having it all together." Thank goodness we have come a long way from that.  Roy then said something very profound.  He talked about women in the work place and that more women are executives or are major players in company decisions.  He said women are more than admins and somehow the church hasn't caught up with that.  He added, it was more the men in charge at churches that didn't seem to realize how many women run the show in their areas of expertise.  Roy said, I feel for these women who are in high positions, there isn't any women's ministry for them.  He gave an example of a woman who was the CFO of a company and she was pressured to cook the books by the CEO.  She felt pressure from all sides, job and she was the bread winner for the family because her husband was unemployed.  That woman is now in prison.  He said that woman could have used something more than cooking or crafting or hearing from a speaker how to keep her husband happy.  There isn't enough space or time to tell y'all his thoughts and concerns.  I will tell you this, I have never been prouder of Roy than I was Sunday morning in the car.  He expressed an insight and forward motion that many in church work don't even  have vision for the difficult road ahead for women who are in positions of influence in business.  Also, by writing this I am in no way saying the women's ministry at our church is not good, it is.  Roy is in a unique place to see a void for an increasing and growing segment of women.  He is also married to a woman who really has no interest in learning to craft or cook.  If I happen to go to an event that involves these things or table decorating, it is only to see and have fun with friends.  I will mention I did cook dinner last night.  The move out here to the prairie has increased the frequency of meal preparation. 

Sunday at church was eventful.  A fire alarm went off and we all experienced a dismissal to lives of service, early.  It sounds like the whole fire drill preparation in the building went smoothly.  Uh, the parking lot was a whole other story.  We all seem to lose some of that holiness once our feet hit the pavement of the parking lot.  It was a stand still free for all.  Hopefully the powers that be will extend the preparation out to the parking lots for a more efficient and better exit plan. 

Tomorrow morning, I have to leave early for my appointment with the cardiologist.  I'm looking forward to getting some answers and a plan for further heart improvement.  They have been changing my meds and this last combination seems to have brought some relief from the extreme fatigue and low blood pressure I had been experiencing.  Like the Dr said, I'm facing an ever changing new kind of normal everyday. 

The rest of my Revelation homework is calling.  I also hear the faint call of laundry....we'll have to see about that. 


Jennifer said...

Our neighbor was the builder for Dekker's and his best friend is the owner. We had heard it was really yummy!

Nancy Mon said...

Jennifer, it was awesome! You'll have to go.

marty h said...

I was hoping to see your Fall pedicure - maybe at choir?