Thursday, December 20, 2012

Knew is New

Yesterday was a monumental day out here in prairie land.  I did two new things.  Every other Wednesday I have to find a way to keep busy while the maid is here.  Sometimes I schedule appointments or have lunch with friends.  Other times I go into Houston, OK the Nord, and do some shopping.  Every once in a while there are various errands or places that I have wanted to go to out here.  Yesterday, I had a few things to take care of but not enough to keep me out of Chris' hair the whole time.  Dropped off a Happy Birthmas gift to Peggy.  It's really her birthday gift so she can wear it before the Holiday Bowl but also included was Christmas candy and a Christmas card.  The Christmas card was a nativity scene made out of iced cookies.  Then the adventure of Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  It seems that when I bought sheets and blankets last year for the new beds in our home I totally forgot to include the trundle bed.  Since I didn't want Peggy's family member who has drawn the lucky lot of sleeping on the trundle bed to freeze I decided to get some bedding and I had three 20% off coupons, so totally score for me.  Now what to do?  Late lunch.  Off to BWC for grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I read and finished up a letter to a friend.  OK, time ticking down, so I stopped at La Centerra and looked around a bit and that's when it came to me, I should go across the street to the library and get a card.  I cannot tell you the last time I have been in a library, a public library.  To tell you the truth I didn't even know if they still issued cards because it could be an app or something totally digital to use.  Seems like they were still using card catalogs the last time I checked out a book.  So, I walked in, tentatively, reading all the signs for directions.  Since I didn't want to look like Mrs. 1979 was the last time I checked out a book, I prefaced my questions with my vast technical knowledge.  "Yes, do I need to download an app to be able to check out books?"  The guy just looked at me like, are you nuts?  So we went old school all up in here and I filled out a paper application, showed my ID and once he scanned a few things and input the info, he handed me a card.  Not much change from back in the day except it usually took several weeks to receive your official card by mail or pick up, yesterday, instant card.  I don't even know why I got a library card.  The pressure is too much to read a book in two weeks.  My usual pattern is to buy books, let them sit around for a while and then read them.  I guess I got the card so I would be official, you know in case they have an ID check or getting carded.  Although libraries today don't ever live up to the libraries in movies.  There are other things that aren't quite the way that Hollywood shows it to be, but that is a whole nother subject.  Movie libraries are dark tables, chairs and shelving, little study lamps on the it is light, bright and blond toned furniture and shelves in real life.  New to the scene, at least for me since I haven't darkened the door of a library since...that 1979 visit in attempt to be budget minded and not buy books and maybe that should read I hadn't lightened the door since modern libraries seem to be planned and extrospectivly furnished with light/bright in mind.  Oh, I didn't complete my thought or run on sentence, new to the scene...comfortable club chairs by floor to ceiling windows over looking a water feature.  Simply beautiful.  Oh and did you notice me getting usage out of one of the new thesauruses I bought?  One thing that hasn't changed on the library scene, the quiet.  So welcomed!  While it was noisier downstairs in the children's section, silence ruled the second floor.  It was me, some high school students and studious adults sitting around and being all library like.  There is something to sitting in a room filled with books.  Harper Lee's home (To Kill a Mockingbird) is said to be filled with books on shelves all throughout the house.  That would include entrance, hallways, kitchen and bathrooms.  Wow, that would be awesome to see, to experience.   

The second new thing I did yesterday doesn't seem as news worthy as the library but here it goes, I finally went to the new Kroger on 1093 and Spring Green.  Since I've been in grocery stores almost weekly my whole married life, no keen observations or new stuff to report.  I am very happy to see this Kroger has a HUGE prepared food section and a section of fit and healthy meals.  That makes dinner a whole lot easier and wise.  Roy went with me and since he has been there one time, he was as lost as I was.  We did have fun finding stuff.  Did I mention that the Play Grocery store is closing all its locations except one.  I didn't think they would miss me that much but apparently they must have lost money once we moved onto prairie living. 

New, it has been on my mind this week.  On Tuesday I watched some Joyce Meyer funniest stories on You Tube and it was divided into four fifteen minute segments.  I would watch one when I needed a break and the whole time I thought, I am wasting time doing this...I am so glad I took the time because in the fourth segment, not even a major point, Joyce threw in a little part of a verse in Isaiah, behold He is doing a new thing and she went on not missing a beat.  I have probably read and heard that verse hundreds of times and although I thought it was nice, it never caught me attention until Tuesday.  So with these new Wednesday experiences and the fact I was rather wordy with the library, I'm going to hold off on saying anything more about new right now. 

The doves have come back since missing a week of birdseed while we went to Biltmore.  While ago, I heard a bird crash into the window and I felt sure it was dead.  I have orders from Peggy that if any doves die, this is what it sounds like when a dove dies, I mean cries, to call her.  She'll come get it and rustle up a fine bird dinner for she and Bill.  I'm afraid to ask her what she wants me to do if I ever hit a deer. 

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