Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Schedule Free Day

I just watched the biggest bunny rabbit scamper across our backyard. Our yard is a conduit for all creatures great and small. Our neighbors have done all their spring planting and nothing screams dinner to a rabbit than little green plants. For once the procrastination of spring planting has paid off. Our roses are doing the best ever and I didn't even trim them back like you're supposed to. Again, lack of prunning time paid off because I had heard that roses that had been trimmed didn't do well in all our winter artic blasts. It is supposed to be in the high 30's tonight. I don't know if I can remember cool temps for this long. Last year we had a pleasant temp spring but nothing like this. All the trees on the green space have leafed out in spectacular shades of all kind of green. We finally hit Joesph's big reveal in our discussion today. Can you even imagine all the shock and awe going on in that Egyptian palace. I read something a couple of weeks ago about traveling light and the emphasis focused on the spiritual side of life. Joesph was a light traveler. He lost his multi colored coat while waiting on his brothers whims in a pit. According all the Bible movies I've seen, Egyptian rulers just wore little skirts and went around bare chested. Again, Joesph as a ruler was probably all tricked out in the skirt. Traveling light. He also traveled light in that he was forgiving and showed unconditional love to his brothers. We know from his season of fleeing Mrs. Potipher, he was good looking and well built. Here is a he man who openly cries as he embraces his father and they hug for a long time and it wasn't a love ya man kind of emotion. He isn't just a handsome, well built emotional, forgiving kind of guy, he also was a realist. I think that is true because of his admonition to his brothers as they left to get the family and bring them back to Goshen not to argue among themselves on their trip home. I slept through the blood moon. I knew for sure I would wake up around 2:00 am because almost every other night or rather early morning of the week, I make a trip to the necesitarium. The one night I really would like to be up, I sleep right on through till 4:00 am. Oh well, I will try for the next one in the fall. Now it is Wednesday morning and it is a beautiful start to the day. This is the first day in over two weeks I haven't had someplace to go, dentist or doctor appointment. Peggy asked if I wanted to go to the movie, but my need for a day with no schedule was the choice for me. So I am off to start the day schedule free.

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