Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Monday

Easter Monday!  In beat, in sync and in rhythm!  Hallelujah!  It is a beautiful Monday morning not only because I'm feeling good but because it is the first full day after the resurrection on Sunday.  A first day to praise and thank God for victorious living.  I loved the music on the web cast of our church.  Outstanding and not only well done but so God honoring. 

Yesterday afternoon Roy went out to ride his trek.  We had put up all the Easter decorations and I sat on the couch recovering.  The full fisted punch of an irregular heartbeat is the searing fatigue that grips you in the most easy and natural movements in the day, like walking across the room and the like.  A cold sweat hits and there is the struggle to grab a few breaths.  It's kind of like when you have the flu and you have to take a nap to take a shower and you take a nap after the shower so you can get dressed.  Your chest feels like Ricky Ricardo is beating his conga drums during the conga solo in Babaloo.  I decided reading was the least strenuous activity while I regained strength and I was able to finish reading The Secret Garden.  I had started the next book Learning to Walk in the Dark when Roy returned.  We sat there and he told me about his ride, where he went, his speed and the mileage.  In that conversation I suddenly realized I wasn't feeling my heartbeat and it seemed to me I was still alive.  In a hushed tone, like my heart could hear me, I asked Roy to bring my monitors because it was All Quiet on the Western Front inside me.  I took my readings and the little irregular heartbeat thingy wasn't displaying.  My pulse was back in the 70's and my oxygen level was really good.  I was thrilled but a little cautious about jumping up and doing a happy dance.  Throughout the evening I made periodic checks and this morning...still in beat, still in rhythm.  According to my Dr.'s staff, I did everything right and they were surprised it had taken this long for an extended episode to happen.  I was chastised for taking the monitor equipment off our phone.   So I am easing into the day, doing laundry and taking care of a few things that didn't get done over the weekend.  But I am full of thankfulness and gratitude to the Lord.  I found great comfort in the Psalms this weekend. 

I loved seeing all the Easter pics on FB.  Lovely and beautiful children.  Great looking cookies and cakes and candy. 

I'm trying to decide what book(s) to take with me on our trip.  Of course I will buy some when I am there but you know...  I am looking for a particular book that I misplaced.  There are so many book places, who knows where I left it.  I try to read at least one book that might have Asheville in the setting and I think I have found one that fits the bill.  It will be so exciting to introduce Erin to one of my favorite places on earth.  I hope she doesn't get too bored with her Aunt Foo Foo. 

Heart still in beat and I'm so thankful for that.  Birds are fighting at the bird feeder.  All is right in the world. 

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