Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Third Day on the Estate

Here is Mother Goose sitting on her nest which she has built right along the side of the road here on The Biltmore Estate.  There are lots of geese in this particular area just as you come into the estate.  We've seen goslings and mother and daddy goose take those young ones across the street and stop all traffic.  We tried to get a picture when we left this afternoon but failed in our attempt but upon our return today, we were able to maneuver ourselves into photo position.   Erin got the best shots so I am using her pictures.

We eased into the day.  I had fallen asleep at the same usual time of 10:30ish but a nagging heart cough would not quit.  I was up and down several times to take care of it.  Finally, I was able to fall asleep.   There weren't any storms to wake us and no more coughing.  So, this morning I got ready and went down to the library to let Erin sleep in peace and quiet.  It was almost deserted and so quiet.  Quickly I grabbed some coffee and settled in at our tea table we were at the previous day.  I began reading Sacred Pauses and wouldn't you know it while I am reading about quiet and solitude, a couple who had the whole library to choose from sat at the table behind me and conversed loudly in German and English.  Gee...  After a little too much garbled loud conversation, I texted Erin to let her know I would wait for her in the dining room.  It was good timing because she arrived a few minutes after being seated.  We've come to the conclusion that the hotel last night was filled with old people.  The late breakfast crowd is few and far between.  I told her it is the opposite on weekends when the clientele is much younger.    Edward is freed up some to come visit with us and this morning the assistant director of the dining room gave us a bottle of champagne as a thank you and asked to be included in the family.  It is more like we want to be included in the Biltmore family.  We did our usual take pictures at the table thing and we both had waffles.

Funny thing, I forgot to take my meds this morning and by the afternoon I had become a little punch drunk.  Poor Erin, kind of had a headache and her crazy Aunt Foo Foo is singing and acting up.  We decided after breakfast to drive over to Waynesville.  It is a cute little shopping town and we started and ended at Mast General Store.  It is a whole 'nother place on weekdays.  I actually had a chance to really look at things.  We found several cute things and we didn't even buy any candy.  I was trying to find this one particular shop but I just couldn't find it.  So, we went on to the Southern Highlands Art Guild on the Blue Ridge Highway.  Lots of pretty things and a few of them came home with us.   We drove through Biltmore Village because the stores change there all the time.  I didn't have the heart to drag her to this little store that carries Flax Brand clothes.  That will be for next week.

I have decided that next week will be a good time to search and find a few places I will need to know the location of when I am here in August.   I might make a repeat drive back to the area where the cottage is located and I also bought a book that gives literary tours of the mountains of North Carolina.  I know of no other person who would find this the least bit interesting.

When we got back to the estate we headed for Cedric's.  We had salads and pretzel rolls.  We also bought some of the mustard that they mix the butter with.  We thought we were having a carb overload but the table next to us beat us by a mile.  The rest of the evening has been quiet.  Reading and just hanging out.  Tomorrow is a big day of Erin going on the segway tour.  Then we are going to visit the farm and the mercantile.

I love coming here for the beauty and nature.  It has never been about the house.  I love that there are cows, sheep and chickens.  You can see deer and geese and ducks.  There are also bears, but I really don't care to see one up close and personal.  Unless it is a Baylor Bear and that would be something entirely different.

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