Friday, May 2, 2014

A Little Biltmore Catch Up

Nothing like a voice message on your phone from a Sgt in the Constable Dept.  It had been a beautiful morning, with a little quiet time then breakfast with Erin.  We rode the 10:00 shuttle to the house to be ready for the 11:00 Legacy of the Land Tour.  We had about twenty moments to kill, so we went to the bathroom and walked around in the shops, then headed over to the shuttle.  I noticed I had a VM from a number I didn't recognize and I listened to it.  I couldn't hear everything but I knew it was an officer of the law calling about something concerning my dad.  Sure enough, the constable was at my father's house.  He had been called because my dad told him that Roy and I had stolen his keys so that he couldn't drive.  I told the officer I am in North Carolina and have been out of town since Saturday.  He asked if Roy had any reason to go over there, uh no.  It seems like every time we go out of town we get some kind of call concerning him.  Sometimes it is collection agencies wanting him to pay up and asking for our help or it is calls from agencies.  With these kind of antics the very attention he doesn't want on him is becoming like a spotlight.  It is like the dementia, is the spotlight onto how he has been his entire life.  He's not able to control information anymore or play the parts.  He even called our home and left a message that was rather vile.  I have determined that he is not going to spoil this trip with his pathetic antics and attention grabbing rants.  Sure enough he eventually found his keys behind a nightstand.   I have always heard that who you really are becomes evident the older you get.  His lack of trust, lies and victim mentality is taking center stage in the narrative of life.  And this one here doesn't want to be any part of the drama.

Erin and I have been having such a wonderful time.  Yesterday she did a segway tour and then we went to the mercantile, farm and of course hung out in Antler Hill Village.  We saw baby goats, horses, and chickens.  We also paid a visit to the geese and sheep.  At the end of the day we sat out on The Veranda and had artisan cheeses and seasonal offerings.  That is just fancy inn talk for cheese, crackers and grapes.  It was delicious.

Today we had the Legacy of the Land tour at 11:00.  This must be the third time I have gone on it and with each guide being a little different or having other interests in the story, it has the foundation but the guides make it come alive.  Our guide today was really, really, no really, into the trees here on the Biltmore Estate and the genius of Frederick Law Ulmstead.   It was getting to be a little too much.  Afterwards we went to The Stables and had lunch.  We walked around and through the gardens and found our way to where the shuttle picks up at the Conservatory.  A little rest and we were out to the winery gift shop and back to the creamery for dessert.

This has been the best week.  It is delightful to show someone the place you love to come to, not for the house but for the nature and the laid back comfort.  It is easy to quiet oneself down in spirit here.  Next week I will have a little more quiet and time but I would not have traded this week for the world.  Erin and I are compatible travelers and she reminds me that I need to take the time and be a little more silly.  Many of you are thinking WHAT?????  But it is true.  I would say over the past few years I have grown quieter but the silly side of life needs to return somewhat.

Tomorrow morning, we will drive the trail of tears as we exit but we are thinking this might be a fun thing to do again.

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How I have enjoyed your trip