Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Monday

Monday in North Carolina.  The winds have picked up and the report of storms tonight will lead into a rainy day tomorrow.  We got up earlier this morning since we have a couple of rain days coming up to get out and enjoy the day.  The most important meal of the day is breakfast, so we started out on a good foot.  Our friend Edward was working this morning so we were able to see him.  He has been given another promotion up to full time with benefits.  Erin is a breakfast food person, so she liked the buffet.

Our first stop was Malaprop's bookstore.  Sadly, I have almost every book in their regional section but I did find a few interesting reads.  They also have a wonderful card section some cards made by local artists.   There is an Urban Outfitter near the bookstore and Erin made a score on some on sale shorts.  We drove over to The Grove Arcade.  Old building with shops.  Interesting place but my favorite shop there is the bookstore/wine bar.  It is wonderful!  All the books are for sale and the place is filled.  I found a Robert Penn Warren book I had never read.  

We drove up to the cottage I have rented for most of August and the first week of September.  Bill, the owner, gave us a quick tour of the house and I love it.  The screened in back porch will draw a lot a lot of my time.  All the houses surrounding the valley belong to family members.  So it feels like a safe place with spectacular views.  Erin and I went over to check out Weaverville and it's a happening  place.  

We headed back toward Asheville and back to the Inn.  We drove through the garden area and the tulips are beautiful and the azaleas are popping in bright colors.  There is a photography crew taking pictures for next year's marketing materials.  Back to the Inn where we rested a bit and then headed for a late lunch on The Veranda.  Food delicious and we splurged and shared dessert chocolate/peanut butter tart with banana ice cream.

It was an easy evening of sitting outside and waiting for the sunset.  It was too cloudy to get good color but we were able to get some great cloud pictures.  Lots of good people watching too.  The thunder and lighting began a little after midnight and it is much more dramatic when you are at a higher elevation.  It is then you have those thoughts since we were under a tornado watch, should I get up and get dressed?  Where did I put the flashlight I brought?  Oh my gosh I didn't check for the nearest stair exit.  The first storm was mostly lightning with light rain.  The second storm was a lot of hard rain with thunder and lightning but not as bright and as close.  I could actually get past one Mississippi.  

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