Monday, April 7, 2014

I've Been Tripping Over the Prayer Rail...All the Live Long Day

This morning is slow moving when I need to be a little faster than slow.  Maybe it isn't the morning that is slow but me.  Yesterday, Roy put together a desk I had ordered.  The selling point of the desk was its size and price.  Oh, yes and the believable assertion that it was easy to assemble.  Well, that easy to assemble desk was completed four and a half hours later.  In all the frustration neither one of us ever uttered a cuss word and I don't count crap as a cuss word nor did we stomp off in disgust (Roy) or in tears (me).  After it was all put together, I cleared out the spot where the desk will reside.  This meant moving an antique prayer rail to another location.  Later in the evening I came into the study to check something on the computer but good old ADD kicked in and at that moment I thought it would be better to move an ottoman and chair, then rearrange a table and as I went about that task, you guessed it, I totally tripped over the prayer rail.  As I fell, I took a lamp, books and paper with me as I crashed into the printer table.  My left hip and both of my knees were in extraordinary pain.  Join in with me singing, 'Fall on your knees. Oh hear...."My hand and arm hurt just about as bad and a slight knot seemed to be forming on my head.  I laid there crying.  All the noise alerted both Roy and Buddy because both were soon at my side.  We were trying to determine if I had broken my hip.  Thankfully I am just bruised and scrapped.  My movements are slowed by being so sore.  Once the assessment of my health was done, I was ready for Roy and Buddy to move on.  Nothing to see here.  Getting up of the floor is not an easy task.  Roy intended to help but I needed to do this alone and I wanted to take my time.   In the middle of the night I turned over and my right knee let me know I had wrenched it when I fell.  For once, my cry of pain woke up Roy and he did not run to the front door nor did he go into the kitchen and just stand there.   I had my appointment with the orthopedic doctor this morning for my second injection.  He checked out my knees to see if I had done any damage but we both laughed that other than shattering my kneecap, what else could I do to damage already damaged knees.  I was kind of like Peter at the foot washing, Dr don't just inject my knees, inject all of me...all my joints.  Thankfully, I am feeling relief this afternoon and hope the next set of injections does the trick for the next five months. 

What makes the above funnier to me is, our server at La Cantera told us her name meant flower, little flower.  I shared that my name means merciful and graceful.  With my middle name meaning the same thing, I have a double portion.  Dena began Googling her name to find the meaning.  Her name means God's judgment to which I responded, bummer.   Maybe this fall last night is God's judgment in giving Dena a hard time and even posting the body building Dena, who is not our Dena, on FB.  I explained Dena had been a body builder early on in her life.  Ironic?  I think not.  Or maybe it is God's message to me to be praying more.  Maybe it is just I should have put the prayer rail in a better place.

It seemed kind of lonely today not having anyone in the car with me.  No matter where I go or who I am with if I am driving, I ask this question, "Am I in between the lines?"  More times than not the response is, you are on the line or I don't see a line. 

Here is a scary thought...for leadership council brunch tomorrow, I am bringing the decorations.  I have some cute Easter décor we can use for the table.  We decided to do brunch at brunch, so I am making Biltmore grits.  They are delicious!

The birds are happy to have me back since that means they have food and water again.  This also makes Buddy happy because she has something to watch.  There have been quite a few bird fights.  I wonder how they know or what sign is given for all these birds to show up at one time.  My little mockingbird was first to show. 

I had better check my injection site and make sure all is well.  My knees are feeling much better.  The little nap I had didn't hurt either. 

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