Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Very Good Day

April 1.  April Fools Day...  Is this the holiday where you wear green?  Guess I'd better not get out and about because I may see my shadow and then get pinched. 

Actually, today is starting out as a very good day.  I am not at liberty to share all the good that's going on but I will share a couple of things.  God has certainly blessed us and we give Him all the glory and praise.  This month I get to take Erin to The Biltmore.  She is benefitting from Uncle Roy's schedule and the presentation he is giving that makes it impossible for him to go.  I was so happy she said she wanted to spend the whole time with me.  Then in May, once things get finalized, we will return to The Biltmore with Megan as part of her graduation present.  Erin gets to come along and then when Erin graduates, Megan will come on her trip.  Last week Roy sent me an email about VRBO.  I replied that we had used them for the Rosemary Beach trip.  He came back with this, look at their site and see if you can find someplace where you would like to stay in Asheville.  So of course I got right to it.  I ruled out places in Asheville, cabins in the boonies, and anyplace that had a hot tub.  When Roy got home that evening he asked if I would like to spend a month in Asheville to get a respite from the heat here in Texas.  Nah....of course I said YES!!!  I had found a cottage that is on a family farm north of Asheville.  All the reviews were good and the cottage is modern and decorated in such a cute way.  The screened in back porch and the covered front porch with rockers kind of sealed the deal for me, well and a king size bed.  I contacted the owners and they offered a great price and it is exactly the price that Roy was thinking about.  We paid the deposit that evening and it was a thrilling site to see our dates booked on their calendar.  Erin and I are going to make a trip to see the cottage and meet the owners when we are there in April.  The views are spectacular with almost a 360 view of the surrounding mountains.  I will be able to gaze into the night skies and see millions and millions of stars.  Roy will be there at the first and end of the trip.  I've been looking on Google Maps at the surrounding area and have found a drive through biscuit place.  You can go in and eat or grab a biscuit on the run.  I had always thought I couldn't do Biltmore unless I was staying at the Inn but I think I can.  It was the shuttle bus from the parking lot instead of the Inn that holds me back but I hardly ever tour the house anymore but I do spend lots of time in Antler Hill Village.  I can drive and park there.  I will also check into being able to grab breakfast at the Inn every now and then.    So glad I became a season pass holder several years ago. 

Good day in that I got the first set of injections on my knees yesterday.  The ortho office was running way behind and I had about an hour and a half wait, but I didn't mind because I knew when I walked out the door to my car, my knees would feel a whole lot better.  Next injection is on Monday.  It was so welcomed to be able to sleep through the night without severe pain in my right knee waking me up. 

Justin is here measuring and marking the place where a generator is being installed.  We almost did this last year but decided this year this might be a good thing to do.  My heart is so affected by heat and stress and when the electricity goes off, this switches right in.  Only thing, we can't run the A/C and use the oven at the same time since those are big draws on energy.  Believe me, that is not going to be a problem. 

Another reason for a good day, the dental portion of this year is just about finished for a bit.  I have a crown and continued progress on the implant to complete.  If all goes well, everything in this portion of work should be done.  I have other work that needs to be done but it might be able to be done at the first of next year because I have already blown through my dental insurance limit. 

Tomorrow I am going out of town for a long weekend.  It will be good to relax, shop and have fun.  Love girl's weekends away. 

Thanks for reading my post about having a very good day.  I have found that there are plenty of people who will weep with you when you weep but only a few are able to rejoice when you rejoice.  I am rejoicing over these things and a few other happenings. 

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