Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weather, Change and Those Funny Little Birds

Yesterday was another typical weather day out here on the prairie.  When I left yesterday  morning for my appointment with the oral surgeon, it was 77.   Running errands afterwards, 66 and on the way home from the orthopedic office, the temps dropped to 52 by the time I got home.  The wind was so bad, twice I nearly was blown into the concrete wall on the 99 overpass from I 10.  Wow!  When I returned home there still had been lots of wind, thunder and rain.  So glad I made it home before the really bad rain began.  It was a perfect afternoon to have a cup of tea and read a book but instead of a cup of tea I had a Diet Coke in a glass bottle. 

This morning is a gift.  This type of morning really doesn't exist in April here on the prairie.  This is more like a late October or November morning...if we're lucky. .  I love it!  Maybe even this evening we can sit around the outdoor fireplace one more time before the days turn as hot as the fire in the fireplace. 

We only have three weeks left of Bible study.  To a person almost everyone I have spoken with has absolutely loved the study of Genesis.  Our time together at leadership council was especially poignant.  The devotion this morning by Janelle was so encouraging and filled with much to contemplate.  CBS gives us so many resources to be equipped for ministry and our leadership development time today was so beneficial on encouragement.  This morning was an especially tough one for me because I needed to let our teaching director and assistant teaching director know that I will not be back next year as a core group leader.  I love being a core group leader, it brings me so much joy. It has also provided me the opportunity to be involved in ministry with a group of friends.  These kinds of opportunities do not come to me anymore at church and I felt useful for kingdom work with CBS.  But after my appointment with the orthopedic doctor I knew I needed to set aside being a core group leader.  The injections are not working as well as they have before and I am in a lot of pain.  He thinks he can help me get through the summer and sometime this fall if I have completed all the dental work or early in 2015 if I haven't, I will probably have one or both knees replaced.  Roy and I also have a couple of trips on the docket too.  I hate missing that kind of time when I am a core group leader.  I will be a participant and I'm looking forward to studying Luke in the New Testament.  And hopefully, if they will have me back, I can re-up after this particular season of life. 

The birds are a fussing and a fighting out at the bird feeder.  New supply of food will do that.  The doves and mockingbirds are in the majority so far.  Although one of the Mr. Doves seems to be more interested in the affairs of the heart more than the filling of the stomach.  Mrs. Dove is not quite that interested in the heart affairs and would rather eat a late lunch this afternoon.  There are baby mockingbirds in the mix every once in a while.  They are not quite as aggressive as the older mockingbirds but they'll soon learn and they will be clearing out the bird feeder as action warrants.

There's a book calling out to me, so I will close this down for now.  I might even go outside to read, the weather is perfect....in the sun that is. 

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