Sunday, April 13, 2014

Getting Caught Up

The generator is in the side yard and tomorrow it will be activated and ready for power outages.  Roy asked me to come home right after Bible study to be here when it was delivered.  The guys that delivered it never let me know they were here or came to the door.  I missed a fun afternoon with friends while their kiddos picked strawberries at Blessington Farms.  Oh well, maybe there will be another time.  Tomorrow Roy has generator duties after he gets home from his Dr appointment.  Hopefully the installation will go smoothly. 

We only have three more weeks of Bible study in CBS.  What a great time we had today mixing it up.  Instead of having brunch with our own groups, we all gathered in the Great Room sharing all our brunch/breakfast goodies.  Then we went to core group and then teaching time.  The morning was wonderful.  I sat with Peggy and Pam from my group this year and friends from other years gathered to our table as well.  As always we had great discussion and some very poignant stories of God's faithfulness in uncertain times.  I know I write this frequently, but the study of Genesis this year has been just about my favorite maybe even beating out Divided Kingdoms....I loved that study. 

A lot of time has gone by since I started this post on Thursday.  Roy has had the computer tied up because he is doing our taxes.  But, I have had other things occupying my thoughts and time.  Now that we have our taxes done, we like I had anything to do with them, and I have most of my homework completed I can think on other things.

Friday I went to a memorial service of a friend who was much too young to die.  I knew Darrell from church and he also played on several co-ed volleyball teams with me.  Standing room only for his service and Johnny led a great tribute and service for him.  All those who spoke at the service, including his wife, made us laugh and tear up.  Such a huge life and it is going to take time here on earth for those closest to him, learning how to do life here on earth without him.  But we do not grieve his loss without hope because we know we will see him again one day.

Friday, our generator was installed.  I left here around 9:30 to stop at The Container Store and Whole Earth Provisions before the service.  I love Flax Linen clothes and they had marked down Flax on the sale rack again and I was able to find some great clothes and even greater deals.  After Darrell's service I made a quick trip to The Fresh Market and made my way home.  The generator was up and ready for running.  Minimal down time with the electricity.  Roy talked to the Center Point guy as he waited for his part of the project to happen.   The guy told him the other night when half of Rancho De Five lost their electricity, it wasn't because someone ran into a power pole but a rat that crossed over the transformers and he lost his life in the accident.  Yah!  One less rat in this world.

Saturday, we did some projects around the house and had our first Bahama Mama's of the season.  I hardly got there last year.  This morning I went to church and then met Roy for brunch.  I made a quick look see through Cold Water Creek since they are declaring bankruptcy and I found a couple of good deals.  Since it was raining, I delayed a trip to Target and came on home for a nap.  My brother called this afternoon to let us know that my father won't be going to graduation in Memphis after all.  Thus we are now able to attend.  I am so excited about that.  He had one of his patented change of mind, all it took was a friend at his Friday lunch thing that was out of the country and had a heart attack.   My brother assured him he was not alone in his getting to and from both airports.  My father replied, well what if I had a heart attack and they took me to Little Rock...!  I don't know anyone there.  Yes, Little Rock is a foreign country and they don't speak English.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my oral surgeon and then my last injection at the orthopedic office.   The injections have not worked as well this time.  I still have considerable pain.  He said last week that we'd discuss future options tomorrow.

Roy has gone to workout now that the estimated tax return is done.  Buddy is fast asleep beside me and several projects need my attention.  So until later....Happy day!

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