Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Weeks Worth of Catching Up

Hello blog!  Do you remember me?  Let's see if I can write down this past week's fun.  It won't be a difficult thing especially as I drink some southern pecan coffee from the coffee shop in Waynesville.

 This past week has been such a fun and busy week.  Emily came into town Monday night and she got a royal country welcome, no electricity here at the house.  I had made dinner and planned for us to eat at home but we changed our minds midstream and went for Mexican food.  Good thing, you know, because the electricity was out.  Our area had several bad storms come through.  In fact, I got stuck in one and missed my turn because it was impossible to see with such heavy rain.  Once we were here, I pulled out the flashlights and candles.  I had also bought for such a time as this, a solar light and it lit up the room rather nicely.  The electricity came on after about an hour and life in the 21st century went on as we know it.

Emily and I were busy everyday and we were good to include nap time most afternoons.  We didn't even get to some of the major things to do around here but we are fine with that because she will be back.  On Wednesday, Emily, Vivian and I went to high tea at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate.  Such fun and such delicious food.  After being sufficiently filled with tea and little tasties, we drove around the estate.  On Tuesday we had seen a huge tree, over a hundred years old tree, toppled over by the wind and storm.  By Wednesday, all that was left was the huge stump with the tree roots sticking out. We also took Emily on a ride though the country around where we live.  There is just so much beauty to take in.  I never tire of seeing the mountains and the canvas of the sky.  We went to Waynesville on Thursday with the intent of driving the back roads over to the Pretty Place in the afternoon but the rains came once again and we went to plan B.  Plan B was a good plan too.  Of course you have to see Mast General Store and then we went to the Hazelwood area for lunch and some shopping.  That is when the heavens opened and while eating decided that we would head back home once we finished up in Waynesville.  Friday, we went to the Amish Store and had lunch at The Farmers Daughter.  There are no words, only food.  We were seated near a large church group, so we piggy backed on their prayers for lunch.  We stopped at Lowe's on our way home and picked up the rocking chair I had bought and assembled.  On Friday evening we knew we would be going to a singing, so of course we napped for strength.  I really napped hard and woke up kind of wondering where I was, that is how hard I slept.

Friday night, the 17th annual Singing by Simple Faith.  Simple Faith is a gospel group that travels all over this region and beyond.  Our contractor sings in the group and the Primitive Quartet were the special guests.  This year, it was also a fund raiser for Desiree Brown, the daughter of a singer in Simple Faith.  In March she had a traumatic brain injury and the insurance money for rehab for the year has run out.  There were all kinds of concession stands to help raise money and a raffle for gift baskets after the love offering had been taken.  To begin the evening, Jonathan Sluder called all the men to the front of the stage to pray for the evening...he asked a man to start the perfect choreography, the men knelt in prayer and they all prayed out loud.  It was a heavenly sound and I am probably saying that because I am in love with the voices of NC men with southern accents.  I'm in love with the voices...that's all.  Anyway, after that time, the singing began and a young man made his way to the front of the stage, he was crying at the Lord's touch...some of those big country men gathered around him and started talking and then praying with him.  Wow!  Powerful!  Yet, so poignant. The music and worship, so God honoring and the fact that it was all blue grass country gospel was icing on the cake for me.  I just saw on Facebook that over $22,000.00 was raised Friday night.

Saturday, Emily and I eased into the day.  We had Amish Cinnamon Raisin toast with Amish churned butter.  Emily got her things together and I did my usual squirrel lady thing by chasing off the squirrels among other useful and productive things.  We ate lunch at Moose Cafe and we headed to the airport.  On Saturdays you have to take in account all the traffic, so I got her there early but in true equalization, the time she waited I was in traffic on I 26 going back toward Asheville.  There wasn't a wreck or anything...just bumper to bumper traffic.  I did stop at Target and Fresh Market while I made my way home.  I had a delicious dinner of leftover gas station pizza and an Amish fried pie.  Got caught up with things around here and got to grab a few minutes of conversation with a friend.  I was ready for sleep but Buddy had other ideas and woke me up every hour on the hour.  Thus, I stayed home from church this morning.  I have witnessed God's creation from my back porch.  Watching butterflies, birds and yes...that darn squirrel.

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