Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thursday Already?

Is it Thursday already?  Where has the week gone?  As the old maxim declares, time flies when you are having fun and I am having fun.  Buddy and Roy are both still slumbering although I think Buddy is sleeping under the bed.  Roy has chosen the more conventional sleeping in bed.  I could sleep longer but stuff on me starts hurting, so I get up.  Roy is so organized that he gets the coffee ready the night before so I come downstairs and have coffee immediately.

Yesterday DC came over to look at our electrical needs.  He will be back on Friday morning.  After he left we hit the road driving first to the Tri Cities airport between Johnson City and Bristol.  Roy had been doing some research on flights and with only a plane change in Atlanta, said so easily by she who will not be making that change, anyway...there is a direct flight from Atlanta.  It takes the same amount of time by going either way to Greenville/Spartanburg or to Tri Cities.  The drive is beautiful and the roads are in better condition.  It doesn't seem as hectic either.  Of course this will not be a viable use during cold months but glad to have an additional option.

After we found the airport we went back to Johnson City where we first stopped at Best Buy.  We think that is the friendliest Best Buy we've ever been to, so that is why we returned to get a printer and a speaker for downstairs music.  If there is a Barnes and Noble near, it is a must stop if there is time and we had time.  Johnson City has an Academy now and we stopped there for socks and a larger cooler.  Being late lunch time, we hopped on over to Carabba's for a little taste of Houston brand Italian food.  Roy wanted to see the Amish store, so we took back roads from JC to it.  I think Roy was getting a little nervous because we left "civilization" and were out in the country.  Oh my, it is a beautiful drive with lots of curves and winding roads.  I could tell he thought Google Girl had lost her way but since I have been there all of two times, I knew that it was in the middle of no-where.  Once we got to the store he had a blast!  Roy is so disciplined in what he eats but made an exception yesterday.  I was shocked when he bought huge cinnamon rolls.  I could see it was getting darker with storm clouds and suggested we better leave.  We made additional stops at a produce stand and at a BP station to get ice.

We stopped in Erwin to top off the tank with cheap TN gasoline and found ourselves on the road in a huge thunderstorm.  There were times I could not see three feet ahead of me because the rain was so fierce and I was ever cognizant that we were in high mountains with just a guard rail for protection. The road is a steep grade anyway so you can't really go fast and for this I was thankful.  We all seemed to know slower was better.  It rained on us almost the whole way home and only grew lighter the closer we were to home.  For this I am very thankful.  Weather patterns are different here from Texas, and I haven't quite mastered knowing which way the rain comes other than out of the sky.

Today we will make a Lowe's run and stop in at the Toyota dealership.  We thought of getting an early start...uh that thought was lovely but isn't going to happen.

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