Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday Morning Chit Chat

Good Saturday morning!  It is a beautiful sunshiny morning.  We had a reprieve from the heat this week but yesterday, it began heating up once again.  High 80's not unbearable at all but it is good knowing that in a month in a half or so, it will start feeling cooler again and we will actually experience autumn.

This has been a fun week and it is just building toward another fun week when Emily gets here on Monday.  So enjoyed Rebecca's visit on Monday this week and then Tuesday picking up the new Harper Lee book.  Wednesday was a relaxing day and Thursday evening was our Sunday School party at our teacher's farm.  Wow!  They have beautiful pastoral views accompanied by long range mountain views.  There's a fishing pond and red barns...huge trees, one of which had an inviting swing attached to a limb.  There were about nineteen of us in attendance and let me tell you, everyone of them is a good cook.  Gale fixed delicious pork chops and corn on the cob.  There was homemade mac and cheese, baked beans, squash casserole, scalloped potatoes, a Mexican salad that was awesome and slaw.  There were other things too and some pretty nice looking desserts.  I brought a blackberry pie, from the berries I picked.  We all ate out on the deck, enjoying the conversations and the laughter, and of course the beautiful scenery.  Several of us walked toward and down to the pond...Velda and I walked toward the pond and realized the walk back would be an uphill one, so we stopped know for safety sake.  It was such a fun evening.

Yesterday, I had an 11:45 haircut appointment.  I left here a little early to have breakfast at the Corner Kitchen thus securing an ever so difficult to find parking place there in Biltmore Village.  I tried the waffles this time at Corner Kitchen and they were really good.  Then I went across the street to a very dangerous least to me...Origami Ink. Yes, a shop filled with pens, cards and stationery. Oh, and they had some beautiful jewelry, even some reasonably priced.  I resisted temptation and didn't go upstairs to look but I did come home with some note cards that are made the old fashioned way.  I also made a brief perusal of Williams Sonoma before going over to the salon.  I got brave and went with a shorter cut.  It's not like I haven't had a short haircut before, but it has been a while. Since I was in the area, I made a quick stop at Target and Barnes and Noble before heading home.  Once at home a little nap was in order.  Vivian texted me to let me know she had some green beans, home grown tomatoes and cucumber for me.  She had cooked the green beans already.  Now that is a good friend.  I went over to pick them up and enjoyed getting caught up with her.  She is recovering very nicely from her surgery.  Praise the Lord!  When I got home, I fixed a little bowl of green beans as a before bedtime snack.  Mmmm....good and southern-y.

Roy found out yesterday that we are getting a 2016 Tundra because Toyota has already stopped with the 2015 production.  And, the dealership is giving it to us at the same price we had agreed on.  We are more than happy about that.

Yesterday Roy met with our real estate agent about listing our home in Rancho De Five. He has some work to do this weekend.  There has been a lot of pictures going back and forth between us asking me do you want this or should I store this?  I think in terms of, will it fit here and if not, he can take it to  KCM. His main focus will be on the laundry room and getting things off the floor in our closet.  That is mainly his stuff on the floor, so that is good. Our Katy home is such a niche home, so we will see if it will get much traffic.

Just another confirmation that our family on my father's side does not age well this week.  My brother had heard that our great aunt Amy has become confused and very hurtful with her words, angry. Man, she was the hope I held onto that she would go against the grain of later year meanness and change.  Years ago at my grandparents house, she pulled me aside and while looking at my grandmother and father she said, break the chain...don't go that way.  The hair stylist yesterday was telling me about a book she is reading...about training your brain not to go to the negative.  The book describes our brain having the natural inclination to go negative and we have to work to find the positive.  I told her the Bible speaks to that as well, but she wasn't too interested in that.  Who knows about my father's side of the family?  But, I am going to fight going that same way tooth and nail.  The later part of life didn't end well for any of them and it is looking that way for my father.  

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