Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dark Nights and Early Lights

It was a dark and stormy actually it was just a dark night...but not a dark night of the soul. Really it was just a dark night from 10:30-midnight.  Why?  Because the power went out in this area. Thankfully, I had not put up the flashlights which they really need to be up but you know how it is, in a panic when you're looking for something you've put up and can't find. At the same time you are chastising yourself for putting them up when you did because now....anyway, that didn't happen because I knew I had a flashlight in the nightstand and lined up in a row in front of the fireplace. What I did need to look for was my little battery operated fan.  I found one, wouldn't work, found batteries, still wouldn't work, but then I remembered my tiny mini fan downstairs and the one I keep in the car.  So after a bit of frantic searching and sweating, I was able to cool off.  I then had time to look out the windows again and take in the pitch black skies and surroundings.  Dang!  No wonder people have lights on all be dark out there.  I laid down and tried to keep cool and my heart in rhythm.  About midnight I was awakened from my dozing with the return of light and most importantly air conditioning.  So now, note to self...keep things charged up and maybe keep some water stored somewhere in a big container cause here, out in the country, on a septic and well system...if the electricity goes out, that means the water goes out.  I will not delve into any more details on that.

I started a blog post on Monday and worked on it a bit late in the afternoon, still not finished with it.  I then read Beth's blog and some of the things she wrote about I had touched on in my blog post.  So that people wouldn't think I took something from her blog and made it mine, I have left it in the draft file.  I know like three people read my blog on a good day, so it's not like I think this blog is in anyway a comparison with the LP Blog...  Then these past few days have been interesting with some conversations that I cannot and will not write about blog-wise, at least not right now.  Maybe I should submit an outline for a mystery show or for a Lifetime movie...only because of the drama, not because of anything else that Lifetime likes to produce movies about.

So, I had this hair appointment yesterday morning.  I went a little early to grab a delicious breakfast from Corner Kitchen.  Then went to the salon and they didn't have me in their system.  And, Adriana was on a cruise.  We were able to find an appointment next Friday for my haircut and I did get a bang trim not to be a complete shaggy dog for a week and a half.  The receptionist commented to me how refreshing it was for reasonableness I approached this when an appointment had been botched.  Only Jesus...only Jesus and because I had just read about being Christ-like in places where Jesus isn't really welcomed.  Very trendy...very hip...has vibe salon and yes, I know, I do not wear a trendy cut or style but I have hopes that one day I will actually be able to do my hair just like the stylist does.  It will just be another opportunity to have, oh let's see brunch, at Corner Kitchen.

With some extra time I made a return visit to the Screened Porch.  Love that antique shop.  Their booths are filled with stuff I love, anything metal and rusty. up-purposed things, and lots of unusual wooden boxes.  I am a simple antique lover.  There was a unique cart that I almost bought, maybe as a small island in the kitchen and I kind of regret not getting it but I did come home with an extraordinary piece; a message board out of an old church, complete with letters.  It is wooden with a glass front.  The booth owner was there restocking and he made me a deal that I could not refuse.  So last night, before darkness fell, I began sorting out my A, B, C's and numbers hoping that an excited five year old might appear who wanted extra work on learning their letters and numbers.  I didn't finish the there is still time for that five year old to help. There may have been a few other items that also came home with me but I showed really good restraint on a red ladder.  I should have bought the cart.

On Monday evening I created a mini stampede of eight calfs.  It was quite extraordinary from such a mundane task of bringing the garbage can back up the hill to the garage.  The cows were close by the fence, we had a lovely conversation while I picked blackberries.  The bottom of the receptacle scraped the road with a loud sound and that's when I heard the thundering hooves of little cows running across the pasture...I could not help it but I yelled out a loud Ye-Haw!!!  They ran faster but the mama cows didn't miss a beat, they just kept on chewing their cud.  I have always wanted to use that phrase in a not really.  Later that evening when I glanced out the window all the little ones were together, yes including the white faced brown calf who I feared had died, and I imagined them recounting to one another the great scary sound they had escaped.  Just wait til they hear me sing...every cow will be running.  My singing scared the ground hog from coming back.

Buddy is adjusting just fine to country life.  She seems to enjoy the numerous places for nap, especially in those little patches of fun.

The next few weeks will be exciting weeks because several are coming to visit here at The Ander House.  Rebecca R and friend next week, Emily the week after that and the Bolin's toward the end of July.   We have some October times booked and Thanksgiving is full too.  I hope to have repeats of these visitors next year.

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