Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Morning Vesper

Guess I will take down the flag banners later today.  Last night I sat on the porch and watched fireworks around the area and it was a pretty good show.  As the evening went on unlike in Rancho de Five the fireworks stopped and quiet was in the land.

I think the pace and activity of the past few weeks has caught up with me this morning.  I overslept and decided instead of rushing around to get ready for church that I would take the morning to rest and reflect.  We did so much this week and most everything we had on our "must to do" list got taken care of.  Roy and I approach many things alike and there are still those things we approach differently.  I ease into the day, Roy eases into the night.  That means we didn't get started as early as Roy would have liked and we didn't work as long into the evening as I would have liked, yet we accomplished a lot.  One of the main things we did was order a truck.  Yep, instead of getting another Sequoia we are getting a Tundra.  When we had difficulties with getting the swing home from Lowe's and Roy taking an afternoon to put it together, we started thinking truck.  Except I am used to the comfort of Sequisha, so we had to demo a truck before making the final decision.  At the dealership, they gave us a Tundra to try out.  Man, it was so high off the ground and with us both being tall and struggling with the ascent, we could not help but think of our shorter friends who would need a ladder but we found out after we brought back the truck, it had bigger tires and was jacked up about three inches on top of that.  Regular Tundras are about the same height as Sequoias.  We liked how it rode and the extra roominess of the back seat.  So, we ordered a black tundra with black interior.  Funny, we knew we needed to make a decision but we had plenty of time and we did this just like we did the house...sooner than we expected.  We still need to decide if we will trade in the Camry or if we will sell it on our own.  This dealership here offers great after care service; they extend the coverage by two years and you get free oil changes for the duration of owning the vehicle.  They will also give you a loaner car so you don't have to sit around in the waiting room.  I can get all my errands done in south Asheville.

Buddy has adjusted really well into her new home.  She has already scouted out hiding places and she has favorite places where she likes to nap.  Having furniture here she is familiar with and with our bedroom set up almost like the one in Rancho de Five, she has settled into life.  She doesn't get as many treats here but since she has gained a little weight, she could cut down on her treat intake.

The other night when I spent about two hours picking blackberries paid off.  I sorted and cleaned them, topped them with sugar and let them do what they do...juice up.  Then I used Peggy's tried and true blackberry cobbler recipe and made two blackberry pies.  Vivian and Bill came over to share in the goodness that is the berry.  The pies turned out well and Roy finished off the first pie yesterday for breakfast.  It is true what Vivian says, that the wild blackberries have a better flavor and the seeds are smaller.  Many of these berries were about the size of raspberries.  Picking time is winding down.  I went out and picked a few more berries last night but the vines and berries are beginning to dry up. Maybe we will get a few more from the ones right by the driveway but I think the bugs and birds have taken the berries on the front part of our property as their own.  The ones I have in the refrigerator are going to be frozen but I need to get some more cookie sheets to do that.  On my list of things to do Monday.

DC, Bob and Howard did a fabulous job installing ceiling fans and changing the outside lights into security lights.  It is nice having friends from church doing the work.  Roy, under the watchful tutelage of DC cleaned out the water filter on our well. He learned that our well doesn't have a lot of sediment in it, so we won't have as much dirt to clean out.  That is nice to know.

We also tackled the garage, as in organization, but I think we ended up more like flag than tackle.  We got several of the large items puts away and the enamel/porcelain table put into place on the porch.  I ordered red side chairs for it last night.  We also made another run to the dump with a bunch of big cardboard boxes.  I was happy to find what I had been looking for daily at the back of the garage a large burlap container that said READ on it.  It was folded up and hidden.  We still haven't found a couple of other things which I really do think went the way of the local movers.

Buddy has stirred from slumber and made it all the way to the landing where is has found a huge spot of sunlight.  I think she is really going to like living here.  

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