Thursday, July 9, 2015

Land That I Love

This evening I was minding my own business, putting some stuff up and I got to thinking about the small desk in our living room.  And I got to thinking about how much better it would be to have this small desk, not against the wall but floating it facing into the room and I hate to admit it but while I am sitting here writing this I am thinking how much better it would be to switch out desks with an upstairs bedroom desk.  It is shorter and has a prettier back to it cause when a desk is up against the wall, who cares...  You go to floating a desk, it had better look nice.  You see I think all this started when I moved the swing from the backyard earlier today over to the side of the driveway.  Granted it doesn't have the best view from their but my goodness a front porch with a view and a backyard with so much beauty, surely the swing could be just ok.  So as awkward as it was, I moved it to its new temporary home.  Might be temporary...not too sure yet.  So back to the desk, yes I have turned it facing into the room and this is much better.  I can watch birds and Buddy when she spies on me from the staircase.  This should stop those surprise attacks.  Truthfully, she hasn't done that YET but I try to stay one step ahead of her.  It is too late to exchange desks and it will be a huge hassle but that might not stop me tomorrow.

Today Vivian and I went to eat lunch at The Stony Knob in Weaverville.  I have been thinking about their lunches of late and so when Vivian asked, where would you like to go, we went there.  I had the best Blu Cheese Wedge Salad and steak.  Yum!  After we ate we headed out toward Reems Creek and the surrounding areas. We made our way back toward home but took a few side trips on some of the most beautiful back roads in God's country.  Vistas beyond compare, homes built in the 1800's, as well as churches, barns, old trucks...I mean we were on the roads that American Pickers might be on.  I love these rides as Vivian tells me the history of the place or where she played as a child or the stores they went to back in the day...of course the history comes between our riveting conversations.  One moment you are in civilization and around the next curve you might question whether you are hearing banjos in the background.  Today's trips were even more fabulous as we toured the country side in style, in her new car...BMW.  It rides like a dream, so comfortable.  So when we want to feel like country girls, we can hit the roads in my new truck and when we are feeling very ta da...her car.

I did this evening what I always do after some kind of crisis that has to do with electricity.  I overreact.  So off to Lowe's I got to lay in a few su-pplies for the summer ahead.  First the storage of water for bathroom usage, five gallon gasoline plastic container for water not gasoline.  Then I bought more batteries.  I looked for some portable fans but didn't find any.  I may or may not have to go to WalMart tomorrow and see what I can find.  I already have bought a million flashlights, so we are good to go there.  I also picked up some storage containers for all the letters for the church message box I bought yesterday.

Well, it is now Thursday morning.  The electricity stayed on all night and for this I am thankful.  This morning I awoke around 5:15 and prayed once again for Vivian and her surgery this morning.  Then I fell back to sleep.  Now I am easing into the day and will do things around here until I attend a funeral later on in the day.

Driving around the countryside yesterday reminded me of Lee Smith novels.  I most of them a long time ago and her stories of Appalachia helped me fall in love with this place.  Yesterday morning I saw something that reinforced that love, I looked out the bathroom window and noticed this lovely cascade of red coming from the vines on the was then I realized it was cardinals flying out of the verdant vine and onto the red bud tree.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.  I have noticed more cardinals around the back and most of them look to be young adults.  My favorite is when a cardinal and an indigo bunting sit together at the bird feeder.  Truly all American with the red, white and blue.

  After posting a picture of a flower in our backyard, I found out that we have a mallow hibiscus and from the descriptions from others who thought it was a morning glory, I now know I have morning glories on the other side of the yard.  Since the first of May I have enjoyed the unfolding of a different flower every few weeks.  I am easily entertained but I love how Kate, previous owner, landscaped.

While Buddy is having her first morning nap, it is time for me to get a couple of things done.

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