Wednesday, July 1, 2015

When A Door Closes Have A Friend Phone Your Husband While You Throw Things At A Window

I awoke this morning with sore knees and feet.  My fingernails are purple (I was wearing gloves) and my arms look like I spent the evening cutting myself but is all from two hours of blackberry picking last night.  I didn't start out with the thought of two hours, it just turned out that way.  By the end of picking time I had almost a full bucket of berries.  Roy joined in for the last thirty minutes and made a significant contribution.  The bushes were purple unto harvest but the laborers were two.  At the halfway point of picking Roy brought a lawn chair down to me.  It must have been a comical sight to those passing by in cars of an old lady, with a wooden cane, sitting in a lawn chair picking blackberries.  The cane serves three purposes, snake stick, vine stick and balance stick.  When we finished I began the tedious task of getting rid of stems and leaves from the berries.  Today seems like a good day to make cobbler.  Well, later today because we are going to Johnson City in just a bit.

Because Peggy and I are the consummate cooks, I texted her because I could not remember her recipe for cobbler.    She told me to call her and we got caught up on her adventures while she looked for her recipe.  She found it and in the midst of the conversation the topic of the star of Bethlehem came up because she could see if from her front porch and she encouraged me to go outside and see it.  Earlier in the evening I had done just that but the humongous trees around us hindered any view of it. So I gave it another try and because Buddy is here, my mind was on closing the door so she couldn't get out, only I closed the front door.  It was unlocked but it is a difficult door to open from the fully closed position.  Peggy volunteered to call Roy while I knocked on the door.  Now I was dubious that Roy would even respond to all the noise because the bonus room is at a distance and the TV was probably drowning out the sound of knocking.  So I began beating on the door both close fisted and open handed.  I was beginning to think Roy didn't have his phone with him because it seemed like forever heavy handed tapping, beating on the door...thus says the raven...beat some more.  I had decided to go out on the driveway to start throwing things at the window to see if I could get fair Juliet...I mean Roy's attention.  So in the dark, without any shoes on, I began going down the narrow front porch stairs, when Roy opened the front door.  Needless to say...there was let's see, discussion about hearing the pounding on the door and him thinking I was hanging a picture.  Uh yes, when hanging a picture one makes a continuous banging noise with no break....Peggy had gotten a hold of him but her first call had gone to voice mail.  He said why did you keep knocking if you knew Peggy was going to call...I submit exhibit A, you let her first call go to voice mail.

The swing thing turned out differently too.  We went to pick it up and the frame would not fit in Sequisha.  I suggested we disassemble the swing to a point where it would fit in thus saving Roy from having to put the whole thing together.  The two Lowe's guys and Roy voted no, so they came back with an unassembled swing in a box.  Roy explained that the Lowe's guys said it was easy to put together and I reminded him that he thinks Excel spread sheets are is always easy if it is something you are good at.  We are not assemble it type of people.  Roy assured me that he could do it, so we went for lunch at the Mexican restaurant next to Ace Hardware because Roy needed to get a wrench for assembly.  It is a good thing that he bought a whole set of wrenches because the Lowe's easy to assemble guy told him the wrong size wrench that needed to be used.  So Roy spent the greater part of the afternoon putting together the swing...the easy to assemble swing.  I helped him some when the easy to assemble screw did not want to fasten to the easy to assemble construction of the swing itself.  He finished the swing while I was picking blackberries.  It was wonderful to return back to the top of the hill and find the swing sitting in the backyard just waiting for someone to park their rear end on it.  I love it and I love Roy for his patience and persevere-ness to put it together.  One of the neat things about the swing are the little book bags that hang from the sides.  A great place to put a water bottle or Diet Coke along with magazines and books.

I better stop easing into the morning and start getting ready.  One thing we are going to buy today is a printer and it will be easy for Roy cause he is good at that kind of assembling.  Maybe I will try out the book bag on the swing while he works on the printer.

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