Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Day Catch Up

Well, it has been a few days since posting and that means I have been busy without a chance to sit down and write my thoughts.  In the evenings when there has been time I have been so danged tired that the thought of writing anything just wore me out.  The spirit was willing but the flesh was no way.

Saturday morning I got stuck in a horrible traffic mess on the way to the airport.  I checked Google and the report was three really bad wrecks in a stretch of a couple of miles.  That proved to be a wrong report but the wreck I passed was horrific and the remains of burned overturned cars and a scorched median and road relayed a terrible story.  We learned later that three people died in the accident with a tanker truck full of gasoline.

I picked up two at the airport Roy and Buddy.  It was time to bring Buddy to the mountains and Roy did yeoman's duty in doing so.  He was hoping for a flight that wasn't too full but the plane was overbooked.  He thought about a leash at the last minute on Friday evening, so he ran to Kroger to get one.  He had bought a body collar for Buddy earlier and he was so glad he had the leash because security made him take Buddy out of the official Southwest Airlines carrier and then while he held her, they tested his fingers for gun powder residue.  Other than that difficulty Buddy did ok on the plane.  Roy chose a seat on a row with a mom and child thinking at least the little creators of noise would be together. Buddy slept through the flight of which Roy was so thankful for.  His term, the mean flight attendant not the friendly ones, came over to him and told him in no uncertain terms should Buddy ever come from out underneath the seat.  I told him he should have asked her if a tiny little cat sized oxygen mask would come down from the ceiling in the unlikely event....then I thought people have been thrown off planes for less than that.  Good thing he had Buddy and not me.  Since we knew we could not go back the way we came because the freeway was closed from the wreck going toward Asheville, we decided to take the scenic route through Traveler's Rest.  Buddy was not enjoying the beauty of the back roads even though she was traveling in style, in a big pet play pen complete with food, water and potty.  She finally settled down and we got her here to her home in the mountains.  At first she was hesitant about the stairs.  Finally she went up them but was afraid to come down them but now she acts like she has been queen of the stairs all her life.  She has already found sunny places and hiding places.  And she has taken over a bit of Roy's man cave.  She gets the pillows just so to be able to look out the window.  We stuck around home the rest of Saturday to help her adjust.

Sunday we went to church. It was VBS celebration Sunday, so the kids sang songs they had learned during the week and Pastor Jeff's sermon was so good.  There were a lot of guests there to see their kids or grand kids sing.  We didn't go to the picnic shelter for the cookout afterwards but headed over to KFC with all the rest of the good folks who had been to church and fried chicken sounded like it would complete the morning/afternoon.  Then we made the dreaded Wal Mart trip but stopped by Lowe's first to pick up a few things.  We bought a swing while we were there and it should be ready for pick up today.  We thought the $10.00 assembly charge was more than fair.  Roy had fun bringing in an electric scooter basket from the parking lot at WM.  We entertain ourselves so easily.  We brought groceries home, regrouped and headed over to The Fresh Market.  Both Saturday and Sunday evenings had blackberry picking from the front of our property.  Think we might have enough for a cobbler.

Yesterday we headed over to Waynesville to look at a table and to go over to Mast and see about some casual shoes for Roy.  We bought the table and it will be delivered this week and we also found shoes for Roy which is a huge miracle!  Size 14 is not always easy to find.  Then we took 276 over to Brevard and then onto the Pretty Place.  Roy brought one of his cameras and took some great pics.  We stopped at Mud Dabbers and got the last apple baker.  We found out they can hardly keep them in stock.  We found a few other pieces that we liked too.  We were both ready to eat so we headed over to Twin Dragons for lunch.  We also made a produce stand stop.  We went back 276 to the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped at The Pisgah Inn for Roy to take some pics and for me to peruse the t-shirts.  I almost always find a shirt there that I love but not this time.  We meandered on the parkway for a bit then got off.  Since I did this part of the parkway last summer by myself I don't freak out as much about the tunnels but they still bother me.

I was pooped when we got home and Buddy and I spent a lot of time on the couch.  She exhausted by her naps of course.  We had planned to go up to Johnson City today and also go to the Tri Cities Airport in the area.  Roy found some cheaper flights on Delta with a plane change in Atlanta.  Think it will be a great option but not so much in winter months.  Last night I asked if we could take an easy day today instead.  So, we are going to get some work done around here and run a couple more errands.

So there is the catch up for the past few days.

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