Monday, June 15, 2015

An Early Morning, A Quiet Afternoon....

It is a lot quieter and not as much fun this afternoon.  It doesn't seem possible that a week has already gone by but Dena had a flight this morning to return home.  We were on the road by 6:30 am to Greenville/Spartanburg.  It is an easy drop off there but it was also a sad drop off.  I busied my thoughts with the adventure of finding a mailbox once leaving the airport.  All the mail goes to Greenville first so I decided to cut out the middle man.  Once that adventure was completed it was back on the road with a stop for cheap gas in South Carolina and then breakfast at Another Broken Egg in Biltmore Park.  It was a delicious breakfast but a rather quiet one.  While in the area I also made a quick stop at Barnes and Nobble.  I stopped at the grocery store close by home and then came home, put up groceries and then I took a long nap.  There is so much to do around here since I brought back a lot of stuff from Katy and I chose fun over organization for the past week but I'm thinking I won't start the majority of the work until tomorrow.

On Saturday we decided to shop local, really local.  We had breakfast at Turkey Creek Cafe and then went across the street and picked up the bench I had painted to match the kitchen table.  Looks great!  We did a downtown Weaverville stroll and then a Fresh Market stop.  Since we are all about lunch, we decided to go to Moose Cafe and then have ice cream at The Farmer's Market.  Good choices for the afternoon.  We hung around here for the rest of the evening and tried to go bed early to be up in time for church.  I could not wait for Dena to visit Newfound Baptist.  I was excited for my new friends to meet my long time friend...notice I did not call Dena old.  Introductions were as fun as I had hoped they would be and it was good to be back after missing two Sundays.  I didn't sing in choir but sat in the congregation with Dena for church.  We heard a great sermon by Pastor Jeff and he even made a John Bisagno reference in his sermon, to which he added there should be one person here today who knows that name.  Yep, yahoo!  Dena got to meet Pastor Jeff and a slew of others but we were soon off for Dena to check in for her flight and return to Turkey Creek for lunch.  Nap time beckoned and then laundry screamed out to me once I awoke.  Dena packed up her suitcase and we had time and the inclination to get some queso and guacamole at the Mexican restaurant in Weaverville.  The guac was some of the best I have ever tasted.  We drove around some of the back roads to see the sunset over the mountains.  God gave us a good surprise with a deer jumping across the road right in front of us.  Dena got some great pictures.  We actually stayed up and watched the fourth quarter of the basketball game.  

My thoughts and prayers are for Texas today.  Lots of unknowns but a certainty is rain, lots of rain.  Houston and the surrounding area has already had a lot of rain in May, the wettest month on the records.  Not unlike Asheville in the winter, a storm in the Gulf means the grocery stores are picked clean of bottled water and bread.  My favorite storm food is good donuts, so thankfully, I am not there gaining weight.  I am doing just fine in that department since being back in Houston and with Dena this past week.  That's why I stopped at the store today, to get salad.  

This just about wraps it all up well except for the work that needs to be done.  

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