Friday, June 12, 2015

Quick Catch Up

Good Friday morning!  It is a busy week and I haven't been taking the time to write but I am hoping to grab a few minutes now.  Dena and I have had such a fun week and the time is going by much too quickly.  We make sure we grab a lot of porch time because it is such a blessing to sit on the porch, view the scenery and laugh and talk to our hearts content.  We've been to A Day in the Country, Brevard (twice), Lake Lure and The Pretty Place.  Today we are picking up Vivian and heading over the border, Tenn border that is, for lunch and shopping in an Amish store.  To sum up the week, eating, shopping, laughing, talking, rocking and sleeping.  All the things we love to do.

I am glad Dena is our first house guest.  Even though my love for this state began in childhood because I loved reading stories that took place in North Carolina, it was Dena who actually got me to the state in 2002 and since that time made many return trips to this area.  I told Dena the other day if we hadn't been friends, I doubt we would have a home here.

Yesterday, we made the drive past Brevard to the North Carolina/South Carolina border to one of my most favorite spots, The Pretty Place.  Vivian introduced me on our first Wednesday excursion and it will be my joy to introduce this sacred spot to friends.  I could tell Dena was getting a little nervous as we wound our way on a narrow mountain road not unlike how I get nervous when she drives me through some of the roughest parts of Houston but I assured her we would find the place at the end of the road.  I think the drive was worth it once she gazed across the mountains from the open air chapel.  A young man was there sitting on the first pew reading his Bible.  We loved seeing that.  It was a good day to visit because there wasn't a lot of people there.  It is a special place and you can feel the spirit of the living God there.  Maybe a little glimpse, a tiny glimpse of what Moses experienced.  Across the mountains we could see cloud producing rain but it matters not what the weather is when you go, it is downright beautiful!  We left when the rain seemed to be approaching and it would not be fun to drive the narrow road in pouring down rain.  So we left and then stopped at the Mud Dauber's Pottery Shop.  I think it is a new favorite stopping point for me.  About twenty eight potters contribute to the stock and we were able to watch the owner work on a lidded casserole dish.  As interesting as that was the call to shop was stronger.  Both Dena and I found a few things that needed to come back with us.  Then we made a quick stop in a store in Brevard that we had missed on our previous trip.  By this time the rain was catching up with us, so we were off to the Biltmore to eat an early dinner on the veranda at the Inn.  Pizza, special fries and a cheese and fruit tray.  It all hit the spot.  We walked through the shops at the Inn and then drove to the lagoon to see the geese and goslings and then over to the lamb barn to watch the moms with their little lambs.  Just as I backed into the driveway, the heavens opened.  So I guess the rain thought we were so much fun it needed to follow us all the way home.  We soon found ourselves on the front porch watching the rain fall.  It was so relaxing that I went to bed very early but Dena stayed up to watch the basketball game.

I hear Dena stirring upstairs so I will conclude this post.  I think Dena will return home nice and relaxed...except she keeps looking at she's not she is and she isn't looking at

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