Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Happy Friday

Another foggy morning in the mountains and I am safely ensconced at home.  I had considered doing a little bit of a road trip today but the likelihood of thunderstorms and also due to the fact I am easing into the day, doing things around here became Friday plans.  I would like to seriously get the things I brought from Houston put up and away.  Most of that will be easily accomplished but several tasks require me doing some prep work.

Last evening, I went outside to restock the bird feeder and pull a few weeds.  I pulled only things I knew to be weeds because the delightful timing of flowers blooming here might have been stymied by my desire to be weed free in flowerbeds and along the driveway.  The edge of the driveway I was working on drops off on a slope and there was some concern that while pulling weeds I just might tumble down the hilly slope from the driveway.  It would be Jack and Jill all over again, but no water pail would be involved.  Since I was now at the top of the driveway that connects to our one lane road, I decided to walk down to the mailbox because, "you've got mail!"  How did I know I had mail? The scary looking mailman leaves the door of the mailbox open so you know you've got mail.  That seems counter intuitive but the system seems to work around here.  It was all catalogs but I duly did my duty and shut the mailbox door so the scary mailman would know I got the mail.  We get few things here other than advertisements and our Charter bill, which I am trying to switch to an ebill but as you know I wrote about that previously.  In the midst of weed pulling I inspected our wild blackberries and found one ripe one.  So, I took it and ate it and it was good.  I'm now officially on blackberry watch.  When they ripen I will probably officially become the cranky old lady in the yellow house because I saw three of the neighbor kids inspecting the blackberries at the front of the yard.  Looks like I need to find my $3.00 cane from Mast General Store to shake it at them and yell, 'get out of my blackberry patch!"  Actually, I will never be able to get back into those bushes because of my lack of balance and proximity to the road...maybe I will work out some kind of a fair share cropper deal with them.

I finally made the much put off trip to Wal Mart yesterday.  I tried to shop as quickly as possible.  Just about done and I heard rumbling thunder...another mountain rain storm cropping up and I thought just maybe God was mad at me for being in Wal Mart.  Coming out of the store low dark clouds perched over the shopping center greeted me with another thunder rumble.  It seems to me that our family has had a few go arounds with lightning, my grandfather was struck by lighting and lived and I was nearly struck by lightning about twenty years ago while walking our dog.  South Asheville got the brunt of the storms while we got a little bit of rain.

It's a new day because I am wearing Bermuda shorts.  Finding shorts long enough when you have long legs can be difficult.  We are experiencing unseasonably hot temperatures and they will keep on into next week.  This home is not as energy efficient as our home in Katy, so I am trying to do what I can...So I am sticking around today cause I'm not quite ready to venture out in public...dang, I should have waited till today to go to Wal Mart.  I might have met the requirements for people of Wal Mart. Nah I would need a couple of tattoos and maybe a ciggie.  

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