Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Once Again...Two Days

It's a beautiful Tuesday morning out here in the country.  The little wrens and sparrows have taken over the bird feeder, at least for now, but it won't be long before the doves and cardinals stir and come for breakfast.  It has been a while since I needed to water the apple trees and the flowers out back, but I did that last night when I got home from helping serve dinner for VBS.  I did a little fruit inspecting too and the plums are coming along nicely.  Can't wait for Roy to get down there and pick us some plums.

There were several choices for the day yesterday but I went with looking for new eye glass frames.  I had Googled and researched options and I decided to try Optix in Weaverville.  I loved working with Susan and Summer and I believe I received the best attention to detail concerning frames and lenses that I ever have.  And it was fun while doing all of that.  I liked that they don't carry the big names in glasses and that they buy frames that ophthalmologists and opticians design. It is as close as you can get to buying local.  I have never liked the glasses I bought last year mainly because I cannot see at night with them, so I wore my older glasses all the time.  Susan told me that with my prescription, I should have never had rimless glasses because of the distortion and refraction error.  Anyway, the new glasses should be here in about two weeks.  I ended up getting two pairs, one very traditional looking and the other a kind of fun frame, yet it doesn't make me look like the old lady in funky glasses that are too trendy for her years.  Afterwards I went on the hunt for a topless...scared you didn't I, cat litter pan.  Roy told me to try Tractor Supply and boom, there they were.  I mean really, what doesn't Tractor Supply carry?  Oh, I will tell this funny on myself...when I was looking for Optix I thought they were located in an old home that had been redone beautifully because of the Optix sign in the side yard.  Usually, when it is a house, I kind of drive away...but bravely I parked in the limited space and went up onto the porch.  I thought how kind of them to think of children to have little play tables and toys on the porch but when I got to the door and looked in through the glass, I could see it was a home not an office.  Man, I got into my car lickidity split and as I pulled onto the road, I saw the office right there behind the house, up the hill.  I confessed my misdirected stop to Susan and she said that is the Dr's house and she is used to people stopping there first before realizing they have made a mistake.  At the time I thought the house and office stylings looked similar.

Last night was the first night of VBS.  I arrived at 4:45 to help serve.  I didn't get a hairnet but I did get plastic gloves.  I also got a little overheated and had to take a time out.  I hate when this happens because it is a reminder that I am farther along health-wise but not as far along as I think I am.  It was a lot of fun though and I will go back tonight and hopefully think of a way I can stay cool.  I am excited to help and I am enjoying getting to know and meet people at church.

Well now it is a beautiful Wednesday morning.  When I came downstairs and looked out back there was a huge cat sleeping on one of the rocks.  He was so big that at first I wondered if it was a bobcat or something really wild.  No just a big orange cat who better have not eaten any birds for breakfast but he is welcome to all rodent type creatures.  So I guess the birds seeing the big orange cat decided to dine elsewhere.  When I opened the back door the cat scurried off....  The cat didn't phase the butterflies who probably felt a little safer without the birds.  Circle of life right here in the backyard.

Last night at VBS I fluffed a lot of turkey and ham to make sandwiches for the volunteer's dinner.  I stayed much cooler last night by bringing my little personal cooling fan and wearing a bandanna.  It is fun working and serving and now I am even official because I got a VBS t-shirt last night and if you know me at all, you know I loves me a good t-shirt.

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