Monday, June 1, 2015

Hot Town Summer In The City

My first full day back began early.  I had a Dr. appointment in the Memorial area and had to remember how long it would take and bring back the skills of driving with a million other people on the freeway.  It is not the same thing as driving the Leicester highway.  I saw a little bit of road rage on Voss as two cars kept pulling in front of one another and then slowing down...thankfully and ironically, they both turned into the Second Baptist parking lot.  The appointment went well and I actually like them not having all the facts in front of them but I did blood work and the dreaded urine sample at the end of the visit.  Over the past year I have felt the discrimination of the elderly and today at the Dr office, they asked me to respond to a form and take it with me into my visit.  I checked off the things like I understand if I bring up other ailments I will be charged for two visits etc...  They didn't ask for the form so when they came back to give me the shingles shot, I handed it to them and they were like...why do you have one of these forms?  Apparently I just looked like I would try to cram in a bunch of things on a visit by the receptionist.

I ran a couple of errands after the appointment and grabbed a quick bite at Escalante's.  I have been craving their salsa.  Peggy came over this afternoon and we had a great time laughing and getting caught up on life.

The heat is already getting to me just a bit.  Really, it has been a long time since I have seen 77 degrees so early in the morning but I am cool and safe in the house.  Buddy seems rather happy to have me around and let me know by sleeping most of the afternoon.

We got back yesterday around 12:30ish.  Our plans were altered when we needed to have a dead tree removed, so we stayed around another day.  This kind of put pressure on Roy to come back on Sunday but he got everything he needed to do and he was off to the office this morning.  I took a crazy long nap and didn't do too much after doing all that driving.  We made it to Covington Louisiana Saturday night, had dinner and walked through Hobby Lobby.  Then I was asleep by 6:30 pm.  I can't remember the last time I went to bed before the sun set.  There were a couple of wake ups in the night because we were monitoring the weather in Houston and watching if the roads between us and home were passable.  We left the next morning around 6:30 and didn't have any difficulty in getting home.  We did have one kind of happy and funny incident.  We decided to forgo the CB breakfast stop and just pick up donuts or something along the road.  We stopped in Batten Rage, what Siri called Baton Rouge  at a Dunkin Do-nut shop.  Before stopping at DD we stopped at a Shell station.  There was something weird about the pump so we left.  After getting our coffee and donuts Roy decided to use the bathroom but I was encouraging him to use the one at the gas station.  That's when he told me that there was a good chance there wouldn't be any bathrooms at the station.  Come on, I said...really?  A station right off the freeway without facilities.  Well, Roy knows Louisiana and guess he should because when we stopped at the next Shell station and I went in to buy a Diet Coke, there weren't any bathrooms and only a very small case of canned Cokes.  I left rather quickly and Roy was standing at the pump laughing.  He was so right and I apologized.

Roy gets to read a lot when we drive and he finished up a novel that was interesting but not well written.  That's what happens when you keep download freebies off of Kindle.  I do a lot of thinking when we drive and I thought through these past couple of months, the changes, the fun, difficulties, and the differences between two places.  I've settled in but I think with bringing back things to the Ander House, I may have to settle in all over again.

Tonight we ate at Luby's.  Nothing but the finest cafeteria food but I had kind of missed it.  Now, I won't miss it because not too much has changed.  The veggies are the same as always and since I have eaten some of the best fried chicken in NC, the chicken tenders were not that appealing, so I went with roast beef.

Tomorrow is my dentist appointment and I need to check in with the cardiologist to make sure I still have an appointment on Wednesday.  He is a great Dr but his receptionist makes a lot of mistakes.

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