Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Happy to Be Back in Carolina

Sweet home North Carolina....Yes, I know the song is Alabama but this works...for me right now.  It is a quiet morning here.  A few birds are coming back to the feeder that has been empty for about a week.  I made my first coffee in our new coffee maker and it is not bad but I will wait for the coffee expert to give her pronouncement when she stirs and comes downstairs.  

We had a good trip back.  Dena kindly consented to do the early morning, hard driving day so on Sunday morning around 4:00 am, I picked her up.  With the additional hour of ETZ, we arrived in Chattanooga around 7:00.  Had our traditional dinner at El Matador and I was asleep not too long after returning to the hotel.  Since we had done the hard day, Monday we were able to be more leisurely in departing.  As always, we enjoyed the back road ride through the mountains.  We stopped in the Hazelwood area for lunch at Bourbon Barrel Beef and Ale.  This is where Roy and I had a bad dining experience but I have been back because I believed we had a fluke experience and that has proved to be true.  The food was delicious and that gave us enough strength to shop in Robin Blu. We stopped at the furniture store so I could return the fabric samples and order the chair for Roy's Man Cave.  We did a brief walk through in Mast and then began our final descent for home.  It is one of the most beautiful drives.  I gave Dena the tour and then we unloaded the car, rested a bit and then headed out the door to the grocery store but we made a stop in at the car wash club first.

We came up with this fabulous idea to buy fruit, cheese, and crackers to make a fruit and cheese tray because we usually eat our biggest meal at lunch time.  This is perfect for an evening snack.   We took everything out to the front porch, enjoyed the breeze and watched the cows and the cars.  It was a perfect postlude to the day.  The fireflies are a bit more numerous now and that was a great show.  The front porch portion of the day came to an end when the light rain shower turned into a brief thunderstorm.  We cleaned up the kitchen, watched a little TV and then said good night and retired to our rooms.  I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.  There was still a good bit of light rain, That is a soothing lullaby.

We have made tentative plans for today but everything is subject to change and hour. That's a good way to start a vacation for Dena.

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