Thursday, June 25, 2015

Observing Country Life

This morning I have the hymn O Love That Will Not Let Me Go on replay in my head.  Not a bad song to have playing.  I'm kind of hearing the Cynthia Clawson version...which I love.  Since I don't want to ruin it, I'm not singing along out loud.

My brother texted me Tuesday morning that my father had fallen in the night and broke his hip.  He wears a life alert, so he was able to call for EMS.  They had to break into the house to get to him. He did have the presence of mind to tell them he did not want to go to Ben Taub but wanted to go to MD Anderson where he has been treated previously.  Doug and I talked a couple of times during the day and then he texted yesterday that my father had successful surgery. As many know we are estranged from my father after a series of false allegations and culminated when he had his lawyer serve us with papers that essentially severed any relationship that was left legally and emotionally in 2012.  Since that time we have had to respond to Adult Protective Services, Houston Police and the Constable's office numerous times and respond to the false accusations and of course their investigations always prove the truth, we have not stolen or taken anything from him, we have not been at his house and I don't show up in the middle of the night messing with his stuff.  Yes, there is some dementia involved but it is difficult to find the line between dementia and how he has lived his whole life. Ours was a very difficult childhood and the things inflicted on us would have been reason for prosecution these days. We are thankful we had our mother and even though the journey was hard, God brought us through the nightmarish storm that was life back then and we are a testament to God's love and faithfulness. I can only support my brother in prayer as he makes these difficult decisions in the days ahead.  The Doctors have concluded and rightly so, my father cannot return to living in his home.  He hasn't been taking his medications properly and Doug found out that last week our father filed a missing person report on Mom.  She passed away in 2011.

So yesterday, even though I have remained calm and did all the right things to minimize my heart going into afib, it went into afib.  It is exhausting.  No energy at all.  I read a lot yesterday and last evening I began to feel my heart go back in rhythm.  Thus, I could not work last night at VBS. Combine this stress with the heat wave we are experiencing in the area doesn't make a conducive and quick healing.  I was looking out the window yesterday afternoon and I believe I saw a mama cow and her newly born calf in the pasture, away from all the other cows.  The calf was wobbly and moved a bit before deciding to lie down in the tall grass in the shadow of the mother.  Only mama cow kept moving away, little by little.  Mama was on point, not even grazing.  I could see the little calf's face because it has a brown body and a white face.  Soon, I could not see the mama cow but I could see the top of the head of the calf.  Of course I went into who owns the field?  Where do they live? What should I do?  Till the sun went down, I kept an eye on the top of that head but happily the mama cow was nearby in the slope of the land and her presence only known by the swishing of her tail.  This morning after I prayed for VBS, I got out of bed and went to the front little head, no swishing tail. was time for me to go to Google to find out what happens after a calf is born.  Well, I am feeling a little bit better about what I observed but keeping an eye out for a little brown calf and its mom.  Country life...I'm observing and trying to learn.

The blue indigo returned yesterday and another bird that I am trying to identify.  The butterflies are abundant in numbers and new cardinals are dropping in to see what all the fuss is about...good grub and water.  I'm keeping my eyes on the blackberries and watered the apple trees last night.  To do that I just have to turn on the outside faucet.

Well, this observing country girl better get moving.  Buddy will be here Saturday.  Hopefully she will adjust to this adventure and country life like me.

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