Thursday, June 4, 2015

Friends, Fun, Doctors, Shopping, Eating...Oh My!

The time is going by quickly here and I have been having tons of fun, getting Dr appointments knocked out, eating at my favorite places, shopped but I have not done one lick of work toward packing things that are coming back with me.  I have to get this stuff done.  I know it will all get done but I need to accomplish this without stressing out big time.

Tuesday evening was the most fun.  Peggy did such a thoughtful thing, she invited friends over to her house so I could see a bunch of them on this short trip here.  We all brought something for taco salad, dessert and drinks...Cokes, water and ice tea of course for a good Baptist gathering.  She and Bill have the most fun house and even in the short period of time while I've been gone, looks new stuff has been acquired.  Bill loves antiques and has a antique store in downtown Katy.  Oh my goodness!  We all had a blast and you wanted to be in every conversation happening.  I love groups of friends who have history together.  Peggy has taught, worked with and has loved each one there.  We told camp stories and much to Dena's patience, CourtneyS and I relived all our favorite Teen Girl Squad quotes and songs.  We laughed about Barry Manilow concerts and going to the rodeo together.  Lots of talk of pageant days and of Celebration (Christmas 2015 with choir and orchestra)  With these friends you don't say goodbye, you just say..ta ta or see you later!  We had dessert at the dock and if you kept out of the grass, you didn't get mosquito bites.  The sunset as always, beautiful over Lake Bain.  I looked at these friends and cherished friendships and I couldn't help but think that these long time friendships prepared the way for meeting friends in NC.  When I went to our Sunday School
Class Pot Luck in April...this would be in NC for those who have ADD like me, I loved hearing their stories of friendships from early on in life and even now how some of them are not only friends but related by marriage.  One of the sacred threads of life is our friendships and who we are privileged to do life with.   Throughout my life I have been gifted with the best friends and that holds true not only in Texas but now in North Carolina.

Yesterday was the last of my Dr appointments...the cardiologist.  When I arrived there were only two men in the waiting room.  I have never seen so few patients waiting there.  Got the call back behind the golden door, answered all the questions they asked and then came vitals and the EKG.  Funny, my blood pressure, while good numbers all three times, was different from the previous two readings.  Then came the EKG...and I knew something was up when they took a second reading.  It is ironic that I have gone there feeling really bad and everything was just fine and yesterday I am feeling tip top but everything isn't just fine.  They read the monitor printouts from the device implanted in my chest and then decided I should also have an echo cardiogram.  I do not like getting echo's done by the tech in his office...I have had tons of these done in the last seven years but this guy makes me very uncomfortable.  I love my cardiologist...he took a lot of time with me yesterday, asking me so many questions and mapping out the course of action.  At first it looked to be a sooner than later action but when my heart muscle proved to not be weak, we were able to adjust the time line.  Bottom line, I have been in afib more than I realized.  He said most women underestimate afib but if you have a mental disorder or personality disorder, you overestimate the afib.  Whew!  Confirmation that I am normal...  no comments please!  So I am back on blood thinners and I need to take better care of my compromised immune system.  And although I am pretty good at not going past the parameters set by him, I need to be a little more strict with myself.  Next year I will probably have another ablation and they will replace the monitor in me that does even more than the one in me right now.  The Dr read out dates to me from the recent past from the monitor printout and asked if I remembered what had happened on that day...and I recalled what had triggered it on each of those days...something really stressful on all accounts.  It is not devastating but I am rather shocked by the news.  I've lost weight, I feel good but my heart is not joining in that line...all the time.   I know that none of this is a surprise to God and I am trusting Him with it all.

The heat here is beginning to get to me.  I don't know if it was processing the info from the Dr yesterday but I had one of those cardio panic attacks in Macy's yesterday.  After leaving the Dr office, two and a half hours the way, the waiting room was packed out when I left.  I wanted to apologize to all sitting there because I had caused the backup but you know all of us are in there because of heart issues, so I didn't want to upset anyone and I didn't want to run to the elevator.  Although it would be more like a saunter for all of us on all accounts.  It happened at the Chanel counter and I use quite a few tissues because I was sweating bullets and trying to calm down.  When I got the bill for all I bought, I was surprised I didn't go right back into an episode.  It costs so much to be beautiful.  The clerk was trying to get me to upgrade to an anti ageing serum but I told her I had already aged and was beyond help.  Before going to the Galleria, I did stop in at Whole Earth and The Container Store. You meet the nicest people in Nordstrom and I ran into my friend Laurie and her oldest son.  He was bored out of his mind while we did the quick catch up but I mentioned to him zip lines, kayaking, and fly fishing near our home and he got interested really quick. Ah nature, it beckons to us all.  Nordstrom Bistro has changed its name to Bazille.  What?  What is a Bazille?  I have heard Brazil and bazillion but never Bazille...but I don't get out much.  The menu is the same but now they have added the calorie count to what they serve.  A cup of the delicious crab bisque is 400 calories and a bowl 700.  Roy, Debbie Downer, also added, what is the fat content?  I went with the 325 calorie crab stack and ginger peach iced tea.  I did a little more shopping in The Nord and then began the trek home before traffic.  I stopped at Whole Foods in Rancho de Five and picked up a few oils and bottles, then around the World Market in record time.  Of course I knew I had to make a stop in Home Goods while here and found a few things that need to go back to NC with me.  I had done all these things, been out of the house since 9:15 and I was pooped.  I knew Chris would still be here at the house cleaning.  Since Roy threw me under the bus about her washing a rug that needs to be dry cleaned and consequently cause damage to the washing machine because it was too heavy for the machine, I was dreading seeing her but I knew I had to get home and rest before meeting Dena at Red River for fried shrimp night. Chris was just fine with me and I enjoyed catching up with her and Dena and I decided to meet at 6:30 which gave me about thirty minutes to myself and put my feet up.
So today before meeting friends for lunch, I am easing into the day.  A rather hot day, but easing none the less.

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