Monday, June 22, 2015

And Sometimes You Get Bean Dip

Summer officially arrived yesterday but we have been experiencing summer unofficially for the past week or so.  Even so, it still isn't as hot as Houston and the mornings and evenings here are relatively cool, so you do get a break.  After church I ran a few errands and the heat zapped me of energy.  When I got home, I ate some grapes to cool me off and sat under the ceiling fan in the living room.  I also took a thirty minute nap late in the afternoon, so I was a bit worried I would not be able to fall asleep at bedtime.  Uh, not a problem.

It's been a while but it is time for a Nancy Nerdly report.  A new set of cardinals has joined the feeder group that visits on a regular basis.  They are a younger couple and the girls are having territorial flights of fight, yet the male cardinals simply eat together at the feeders.  No commentary is needed here.  It seems each week a new flower burst forth from what seemingly looks like greenery.  The butterflies have arrived in greater numbers and the crows have moved on.  They must have gotten discouraged the week we were gone.  The regulars have returned but I keep looking for the indigo buntings to return.  I pulled weeds on Friday and I promise you new ones have sprouted in the former weed's place.

I made a dent in getting things rearranged and put up from the stuff I brought back with me from Houston.  Because I work at a leisurely pace and ADD distracts me too much, there is still more to do but it will get done.

VBS starts this week at Newfound.  It is done at night, so no ungodly hours of having to be up and ready.  I am volunteering to help serve dinner to the VBS workers.  Not cooking, but serving.  I can only hope I get to wear a hair net.  We have been beset by so many obstacles preparing for this week.  Pastor Jonathan's father passed away and unexpectedly the passing of a friend's husband on Saturday.  It rained hard when the neighborhood VBS blitz was with this much opposition from the enemy, we are believing God for a mighty move this week in VBS.  Pastor Jeff preached from the theme verse yesterday which is in Isaiah 30.  The verse being used is also the theme verse of a group I belonged to, Sisters to the End.  We vowed to get our colonoscopy done at the same the verse, you will hear a voice behind you telling you which way to turn to the right or to the left just seemed to be a good theme verse for the procedure.

After running errands yesterday afternoon I headed over to the Mexican Restaurant in Weaverville for a late lunch.  I was prepared for bad service because when I dine alone there, that is what usually happens.  Much to my chagrin the waiter who is the worst at ignoring was the waiter for me.  Father's Day crowd was nonexistent and much to my surprise, the least favorite waiter did a more than decent job keeping up with ice tea needs and the like.  He even brought a bowl of their delicious bean dip to the table.  I still don't know why sometimes you get bean dip and sometimes you don't. As I ate lunch I read FB posts of friends who shared their fathers and praised them for being such great dads.  It is even better reading when you know some of those dads and the info being shared is true, even the pictures of the dad and family from my childhood that were held as a measurement in our lives by our father, who said daily, 'why can't you be like the ________ kids?' One day I responded back,'why can't you be like the _______ father?'  That conversation went well.  One of the first things I read on FB yesterday was I John 3:1, see how much the Father loves us by His lavish love.  I can testify that although my brother and I had a less than dad, we have a more than Father.  One of the best days in life is when I finally believed that above referenced verse and released God from the unfair comparison and standard of my earthly father.  It didn't free God (cause He is already free), but it freed me and although it was a tough road to get to that belief, it is a worth it road because God used what was meant for evil toward me by my father into good and able to be used in the kingdom of God.  Love me a run on sentence... To quote Elisabeth Eliot, God used my suffering for His good.  All these years not caring for her style and views...and I was foolish to get hung up over wearing dresses...but I confess, I just ordered one of her books.

So after considering several options for the day I believe I will go get some new eyeglasses.  I have the prescription but needed to wait so our vision insurance picks up part of the bill.  Oh to quote the every popular song from the 70's..."to see Thee more clearly, love You more dearly, day by day"...and sometimes you get bean dip.


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