Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tick Tock

Friday morning in Rancho de Five.  Nail salon and then highlights and cut at Emmanuel with a quick trip to Target thrown in because I forgot a few things on the last trip.  Yes, I know there are Target's in Asheville and I've been to both but I know this Target better thus I will spend less money because I will go directly to the products I need.  Well, that is the plan anyway....

Kathleen, Peggy and I met at Lupe's yesterday for lunch.  We had a blast and in having fun, I also got to eat at one of my all time fav places.  Instead of running a few more errands after lunch, I opted for home and I am so glad I did because in the span of fifteen minutes, I received very good news.  First, the cardiologist office left a message that my echo cardiogram was perfect!  Nothing abnormal!  The result surprised the Dr because on Wednesday he was painting a picture that I really wasn't ready to hear about.  I am not a professional but I have had enough of these things to remember what a healthy heart sounds like and at the beginning of the echo it didn't sound healthy but by the end I was thinking hmm...that kind of sounds like a normal beat.  Give me a beat...little shout out to Janet Jackson.  Then right on time I got a text from the GP that my results were posted on my patient portal.  Everything was normal and several things were marked as very good.  I knew if my kidney test results came back anything less than stellar I was to call the cardiologist...and thankfully, I didn't need to make the call.  To say I am thankful is an understatement and I knew none of this surprised God although it surprised me when things weren't looking too good on Wednesday.  Hey, good thing I am not God.

It is now Saturday morning.  Roy needed his shirts from the cleaners and with this being graduation weekend, going over to downtown Katy will be fraught with horrible traffic, so I went before my nail appointment.  Even had a spare fifteen minutes to browse KT Antiques.   I had a wonderful and much needed pedicure yesterday.  Lisa is the best and since I tend toward ingrown toenails, yes you needed that info to continue reading, she worked really hard.  I left with beautiful toenails and comfort for the big toes.  She is such a joy.  Since she took so much time with my feet, and now that they are beautiful I have the needed requirement of bringing good beautiful are the feet that bring good news.  Here it is, the good news, I am almost finished with this blog post. Anyway, I went straight to Emmanuel instead of making the Target stop.  As always, great to see Stevie and let the master stylist work on my hair.  Cut and highlights were much needed...well highlights for sure but I had just had a haircut three weeks ago and it was looking pretty shaggy...Then the dreaded Target run in the land of stick figures and minivans.  Both were out in force by late afternoon.  The first day after school is out looked a lot like Target right before school starts.  I grabbed a few things and headed toward home.  Last night we spent a quiet evening at home, Roy working on a few things and I began the gathering process for things returning with me to the mountains.  Then I stayed up too late watching a couple of my very favorite Seinfeld's.  Not like I haven't seen them a million times before but I realized that these episodes are twenty years old.  They stand on their own and we remember the technology of the 90's.  The big reveal this week has been Jason Alexander divulging the reason George's fiancee was killed off, he did not respond well with her comedically.  

So, the clock is ticking down on my return.  This has been a fun week, a fun last couple of weeks but today is the hottest day so far this year.  The brief time I was out in the heat yesterday affected me last night with a racing heart.  So it is time to go back but I go back with great love for my husband, fun times with friends, good shopping finds, knowing that Lisa P has booked her trip to the mountains, looking forward to Emily's visit in July and an always fun road trip with Dena.  All these things are wrapped up in God's kindness.  For this I am thankful.  As John Muir wrote, "The mountains are calling and I must go."

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