Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday-Dentist and Shopping...

An ease into the day morning here in Rancho de Five.  The sun is out and I can hear the roaring of the garbage trucks.  It hasn't taken too long to get back into the swing of things although I could have sworn we had a new dishwasher but alas we don't.  The dishwasher in the Ander House has digital musical prompts and I think it sounds like Camelot when I push the start button.  Since Roy isn't musical and tone deaf, he can't appreciate the musicality of the dishwasher.

It is tempting to rearrange some things here but fresh on my mind is Roy's "contributions" of rearranging things at the Ander House.  I just came behind him and put things back the way I had them.  We are so alike now in many ways but our organizational types are still opposite.  We had a minor disagreement, no it was a minor discussion of why I kept the back porch light on all night.  I reminded him that it is dark as pitch in the country and we have a lot of light on our front porch and driveway from our neighbors, the least I could do was light up the backyard.  I think light deters crime and he thinks light just shows the way.  Of course he does not think this way in Rancho de Five.

Last night after our delicious dinner at Luby's we made a Target run.  I had kind of planned on doing that tomorrow afternoon when I have to be out of the house because Consuela is here.  We were going in to pick up Swifters and drink cups but when Roy grabbed a basket, I knew we weren't making the quick trip.  Target is one of the few places where I saunter.  On a side note, I came up with a new name for Roy, Saunter Claus because he is prone to saunter, Lord I feel it.  Prone to saunter and aggravate the one he loves.  No not a quick trip but a focused trip...I may go back anyway tomorrow or I may go to the Target close by my dentist office.  We are big into motion lights around here and our Target is depleted of said stock.  Apparently, others are finding motion lights a nice way to stumble around in the dark as well.

It was a successful morning at the dentist. Everything looks great.  Carol and I have been friends since high school so I don't call her by her Dr name but she amazes me with everything she tackles and achieves.  In her spare time after leaving her successful dental practice each day, she goes home and writes papers and reads books because she is taking online courses from Liberty University...she is in seminary.  After my visit there I went over to Macy's in Memorial City to see if there was anything I couldn't live without and yes, there were a few things.  I ran into the bathroom just before leaving Macy's and dag nab it, I got locked in the stall.  I wasn't desperate enough to crawl under the door but finally with a swift kick to the door and a hard push I was set free.

 I have been craving gingerbread men from Three Brother's Bakery, so I stopped in there to pick up some men, gingerbread men that is and then headed home.  I confirmed my cardiologist appointment tomorrow and I will get a day off from appointments on Thursday.

This will not surprise anyone but I haven't even started getting things together to take back with me.  I am kind of waiting until after Consuela leaves tomorrow before gathering up stuff.  She will just put it up...

It is hot, like 90 degrees hot today.  The heat truly zaps out the energy in me.  The light at Spring Green and Falcon Landing is so welcomed.  Of course it has been in operation the past few months but it does take the risk factor out of that intersection.  Here, I think we all are used to cameras being everywhere, recording our every move.  In the Asheville area, you don't see cameras at every intersection.  It's kind of nice really.

With that I will end today's update.

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