Saturday, June 27, 2015

Life, Cows and VBS

Here I am at the computer and with so many things to take care of today but sometimes I feel the day isn't complete until I sit down and write either here on Monablog or in my journal.  If I were to write in my journal at this moment it would be jumbled thoughts, myriads of questions and a little playing connect the dots lining up moments and seasons, noting the bad but more so being jubilant over the hand of God throughout the moments and seasons.  I am so thankful this morning, filled with gratitude and wonder because God is faithful and ever present.

One thing I do know, I have got to stop investing emotionally in the cows across the road.  Throughout the day I was back and forth on the little white faced calf and its mama.  When I awoke and saw they weren't there and then read the about the behavior of a calf in the first few days of life, I felt good and victorious that the struggle of that little one had been a totally natural occurrence.  Later in the morning I saw the single cow standing near the place where the calf had laid down....I wasn't feeling so confident about its future.  Later in the afternoon I thought I spied it off in the distance and made a note to get some binoculars.  When I got home from VBS I didn't see it but when I was on the phone I looked across the pasture and thought I saw it playing with another calf.  See, I am exhausted in keeping up with this little one.  It will drive me crazy or crazier as some might think, to be emotionally involved with these cows but watching them graze and interact with one another is quite entertaining.  Layer upon the view, dusk and fireflies...well there you have a whole evenings entertainment.  My neighbors above us bought a new horse.  He is beautiful!  Dark brown with a black mane and tail.  I am surely not getting involved with the horse adjusting to his new pasture and horse friends.  I have Buddy to think about because she will be here tomorrow.  We didn't follow the adjustment procedures recommended when we moved to Katy with her but maybe this time we should.  She has never had stairs and two floors to have the run of.  Maybe we should just start her off in the bonus room because she will be limited on the places she can hide.

Good Saturday morning!  I had to stop yesterday because there was a lot to do to prepare for Buddy.  Oh and get Roy's shirts from the cleaners.  I also made a stop at the car wash.  Then when I came back from errands there was a lot to do before leaving for VBS.  I believe taco night was a hit at dinner.  It was a fun week serving and meeting new people.  I am glad I will not have to wear plastic gloves any time soon though.

The temperature was a bit cooler last night because of the rain cooled air.  I decided to make another trip down to the front part of our property and pick more blackberries.  It was hot but not as unbearable as the previous evening.  I picked for about thirty minutes, trying to reach over and get some of the bigger ones.  I rearranged the seed in the bird feeder and cleaned out the tube feeder.  I was going to pull a few weeds but the rumble of thunder got closer, so I shut the operation down and retreated to the front porch to rest and enjoy the breeze.  I tried not to look at the cows even though two of them stood close by the road at the lowest part of the fence to wish me well when I left for VBS.

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