Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Surprises and Good to Go

At one point as we looked around this area for a home, I had hoped for a porch big enough to have a sleeping porch.  When we realized we would have to replace the front porch on the home we bought, we had it priced out for expansion.  We felt that the porch expansion cost would not be feasible to recover the cost.  Tonight, I am sitting in the bedroom across the hall from ours and the wind coming through the windows and the night sounds so close by, it feels like a sleeping porch.  In fact, I am tempted to sleep in here tonight but truthfully, I think I might get too cold.  This is better than a sleeping porch, no bugs!  I like how these little surprises show up when we least expect them.

We are learning something interesting this week.  It doesn't take one too long to become totally self absorbed when you are on your own.  There isn't anyone else to consider, you set the schedule and routine and you pretty much abide by your own rules.  We were laughing about this earlier as we sat on the front porch.  Our conversations have been more focused and deep on the phone but around here we have forgotten one another when it comes to meals or offering drinks or help.  We have come to the conclusion that this is something we must address because it is a difficult thing to unstructure all the things that contribute to being self absorbed.  Truly, we want to honor one another and prefer one another.  A good reminder that left on our own, without the Lord, we become selfish, all about us, all about our schedules and what we like and do not like to the disregard of one another.  I was telling Roy about one of the trips I made to the landfill and the gift given to me on that run to the dump.   While considering the gift and how I wanted to refuse it, the Lord reminded me we are to deny ourself and take up the cross.  It hit me then, I rarely even think about this, denying myself.  For the most part if I see something, I buy it.  But here, so many situations and things I have observed have been  used  to help me to see things differently.   Not very many times have I come face to face with real needs while grocery shopping.  Not so much at The Fresh Market, but when I go to Ingles or Wal Mart, I see it.  I've met people who work three jobs and it still doesn't fulfill the need.  We are so blessed and I do not need another top or jeans or jacket.  Now come fall and winter that might be different because the need for warmer clothes is not huge in Houston.

Well, this is an entry three days in the making.  My keyboard on my iPad is sticking and Roy has been running all the updates on the laptop.  So, while the A/C guys are here checking everything and also showing Roy how to clean the filter on our well pump, I decided to try to write a little more before running errands.  This morning we went to Turkey Creek Cafe for breakfast.  Yum!  Then we went to get strawberries and then went to the Country Junkin Girls with a bench they are going to paint to match the kitchen table.  Yesterday morning, we were out and about early since Roy had a haircut appointment at Wink.  I waited for him at Corner Kitchen.  I have seen this place and the normal line out the door but early on it is not crowded.  They serve food in an old house that is really quite cozy and I cant believe that I am going to say this but...their grits were better than the Biltmore's.  How could that be?  It be my friends!  We went over to Weaverville for Roy to look at chairs for his bonus room and a quick trip through Mast.  When we got home we got right to work in the back with mulch.  Funny, we had different ideas of how to do mulch, like there would be different ways, but I thought we would do it like we do in Racho de Five.  Roy then saw the wisdom in that and acquiesced.   There was a lot of wind and we were watching one tree in particular that has died.  Our friend Vivian called around for us and found a tree man, who came by last night.  Since we weren't too sure if it was our tree or our neighbor's tree.  Roy and John went up to talk with Jennifer.  She came down and looked at the tree.  What is strange is all these trees lining our adjoining our properties are split down the middle, half hers and half ours.  She is contributing on the removal of the dead tree and she told us that if we wanted to take the rest out we could, but she didn't want to participate.  That seems fair besides, she volunteered to clean out the brush and trash trees on the front part of the property were the mailboxes me that is a great and wonderful deal.  She asked if she could trim back one of our fir trees so their horse trailer wouldn't hit it...sure.  She and her boyfriend have all the equipment to take care of this stuff.  I think we will remove the trees one at a time and we are only removing them because the way the backyard was tiered and the gravel road behind us is killing them off.  We are also having a trash pine and several other junk kind of trees cleared by our driveway.  It is like Roy said yesterday, he doesn't think we will ever run out of things to work on here at the house.  We found out we have a hemlock, several kind of oak trees and a wild cherry tree in our backyard.  Friday John is coming back with a crew to remove the big dead tree and clear out beside the driveway.  I almost forgot the most fun surprise we had yesterday.  I took a road trying to find my way over Swannanoa Road and I just happened upon the Screen Porch or Door or whatever it is called but I had heard about this place from several friends.  We had a great time walking through it and found a few fun things to bring home.  I like those kinds of surprises.

This is a laid back day for us.  We only had to be home for the A/C guys.  We slept in or maybe it was me that slept in and eased into the day.  I think we will return to work with the mulch later in the day and we need to run to, dare I say it Wal Mart, for a few things.  I cooked dinner last night...please revive the non-believers and Roy pronounced it good.  He asked if I would make spaghetti.  Yea!  We have leftovers for tonight.  

Well, the A/C checked out and we are good to go....that is good to go on and run those errands.

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