Monday, May 4, 2015

Joy and Wonder and The Usual

The warmth of the day is quickly turning into the cooler temperatures of evening even with a little more than an hour and a half of daylight left.  This is the first morning that the warmth could be felt in the morning instead of the chill that will give way somewhat to the sun.  I sat out on the front porch for a bit and listened to the chirps of new little birds, blue birds actually, coming from the bird house affixed to one of the porch support beams.  I was able to snap a quick picture of mom and dad resting for a moment on the fence before they get back to bringing dinner to the demanding chirping family.  The cows across the way have been a little more vocal this evening but not the sad cry of mama cow crying for its baby but just regular cow talk.  I can watch those cows traverse the pasture and how they almost have this movement down to precise time.

It almost feels like I am beginning to have a routine or pattern to life.  Of course there are those little things that need to be taken care of around here but for the most part, the house is settled in.  Coming to this routine comes at the appropriate time when I have been reading about the holy, the profound and the ordinary.  Many authors agree we miss God's hand in the ordinary.  We can see the holy and we know profound, but the mundane and repeated motions can lose the wonder and joy.  I am still overwhelmed to see the mountains when I come out of Target or Walz-Mart.  This past week the trees and grass have greened up tremendously.  Today while bringing back the trash bin up the hill and down the driveway, the scent of rain intertwined with the fragrance of cut grass.  Ragweed is in bloom and the fields along so many roads are filled with that beauty.  Although, I can think it is so beautiful because I am not allergic to ragweed.

This morning I was up early, dressed and ready to hit the road when I decided to just take time to get things done before leaving.  Since I was going by the way of the Post Office, I paid bills and then ate a leisurely breakfast.  Vivian called to report wonderful results from the essential oils I made up for her.  I learned the recipe from Belinda and now several more in Sunday School would like to give it a try.  So that was one of my errands today, a trip over to Whole Foods but I started at Barnes and Noble because I had 20% off coupons.  Then I drove over to Antique Tobacco Warehouse just to stroll through.  And that is just what I did stroll and did not buy.  I observed when I got really interested in a particular section and I would move things around, this one couple would stand nearby and as soon as I moved along, they would go through the same area where I had just been.  Then they would follow me till I found something else to go through and they'd wait and be ready to jump in when I moved on.  So, being mischievous I started going through things on a much quicker pace just to see if they could keep up.  I left them in antique dust.  Then I went to Whole Foods.  Just like all choir lofts seem to be hot, all Whole Foods have a rude and entitled clientele. It must make one cranky to eat organic and healthy and be politically correct all the time. One lady in particular who came up after I was in front of the essential oils moved my cart and then grunted, yes grunted, at me to move.  I don't believe anyone has ever grunted at me in a grocery store.  She was wearing organic cotton sweatpants and an equally "green" cotton top and she wore Toms.  I wanted to say, guess what, I drive a gas guzzler and have only recently become more concerned with my carbon footprint but haven't quite done enough about things.  I'm not proficient in the grunting language.  People ran into me with their carts and cut in front of me all while being organic and mindful of the planet.  Then it came to me as I began to remember Pastor Jeff's sermon yesterday...oh, yea, these people don't know about the narrow gate.  I need to reflect Jesus to them but on the inside I really wanted to act out...thankfully, I took the high road and the better path where there is fullness of joy.  And I know that even when I have plenty of oil and supplies, I will go there because I am lazy.  They have peeled and cut oranges...none of those little white strings or anything on them.  Yes, I can be a dilettante.  After being lectured by the clerk because I didn't bring my own bag and I had the audacity to want a paper bag, I ran a couple more errands, one of which was going to the regular and normal grocery store.  You know where "good people" shop and buy Diet Cokes.

Choir was so good last night.  For the obvious reason of worshiping God and for friends to cut up with.  When the three altos that happened to be the whole section for the first part of practice were accused of being non social, I blurt out we had put ourselves into time out cause we knew we were going to talk.  Afterwards, Velda, Lois and I gave each other friendly hard times and I accused them of hazing because no one told the new girl to park up in front of the church.  I was parked up on a hill far away.  We were laughing with that deep gut laughter and I so welcomed it.  You can only crack yourself up so many times before your observations don't make you laugh anymore.

Because of the cool, because of friendships, because my eyes and heart have been opened to how little I was living these past few years, I am experiencing the wonder and joy in the ordinary.  I love the slower pace and the simplicity of church, the simplicity of life and renewed joy of serving.  I find myself praying all throughout the day in the quiet of home and in the coming and goings on the roads.   The beauty of creation and the joy of nature, this is my Father's world.  Now if He could discourage the ground hog from hanging out in our backyard, I would be most appreciative.  I learned that a wood chuck and a ground hog are the same thing...  Oh and not that this has anything to do with ground hogs, but I met my neighbor yesterday that lives up the road a bit.  Very nice and enjoyed our conversation.  I was walking up the road after taking the trash bin down for Monday morning pick up last night before choir.

Well, that's all there is for now.  I believe I am going to eat some salad with a side of ham and settle into the evening.

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