Friday, May 1, 2015

A Place For This and More Work on That

The backyard looks like a wedding recessional has taken place with petals from the dogwood tree strewn all around.  We had a good bit of wind but not much rain yesterday.  Other local areas had trees down and wind damage.  The little birds have taken to the new tube feeder out back and there seems to be quite the crowd.  Guess word has got out there is good grub to be had.  I saw my first indigo bunting bird yesterday.  A darker blue than the blue bird.  I also saw my first ground hog on the property yesterday.  They like wooded or forested areas, so they live off that back gravel road but this one came into our space to eat a few greens.  I don't mind the chipmunks too much, but a ground hog?  I had to scare him away with me being in the friendly confines of the living room by tapping on the window.  From the reading I have done, they are an impossible guest to keep away.  When I told Mike the mower man yesterday about the ground hog and added I was going to buy that repellent, he gave me that look like, poor dumb city girl, it ain't going to work.

Speaking of Mike the mower man, he was here setting up the hose and splitter for the apple trees.  I told him I would go get more water hoses so he could take his back and he replied, they are just sitting in my yard, not being used.  Please, use them to help the trees.  That is really nice of him.

I went back to Waynesville yesterday to pick up the table I found last week.  After moving that PB desk upstairs on Wednesday, I knew I could get that table in the house.  They hadn't had any deliveries over this way and I was ready to get the table all set up.  Besides, it doesn't take too much encouragement for me to go there.  I love Mast General Store and Blue Ridge Books in the downtown area and love the Hazelwood shopping district.  When Barber's Orchard opens back up in August, it won't take any encouragement to go over that way.  On the way back home I drove over to Weaverville, there will be a ville test at the end of this blog post, to get a map for the Art Safari this weekend.  Different artists in every medium, open up their studios for us to come in and see where their work is done and hopefully maybe a purchase or two will be made.  Thankfully, I found a great parking spot on Main Street close to everything.  Parking can be difficult in Weaverville.  I stopped in at Mia's Gallery, Well Bread Bakery and The Shop Around the Corner.  I have always wanted to stop in the around the corner shop and so yesterday was the day.  Very cute things.  The owner Karen, is so nice and we had a great conversation on what to do with old books.  She had been given tons of sheet music and old hymnals by a friend and she was trying to think of ways to use them in her shop.  She had made a paper chain, like the kind we made with construction paper when we were kids, of sheet music.  It was so charming and I had no clue what I was going to do with it but that reveal came later in the day.  She had also taken pages out of the hymnals and rolled them up with the title showing and then tied them with decorative twine and added a little feather to it.  She had taken an old Styrofoam wig head and glued strips of music to cover the entire head and she added to this, "Ever get a song stuck in your head?"  That was so creative and it was so not for sale as it added to the decor of the store.  Her store also rents vintage pieces for weddings and events.  That is kind of a neat deal.  We bonded over books and paper but soon we learned we are also sisters in Christ.  That is always encouraging.

The other day I finally decided to take the time and clean out the 1400 emails I had on my phone.  Mainly it was junk or emails I think I need to keep when it comes to the Ander House and the prairie house.  There were a few sentimental emails to be kept and then there were those emails that had angered or hurt me in the past and just in case I wanted to re-think the whole scenario, I kept the emails for such a thing as this.  Now, that my friends, is really stupid.  So those emails went to the trash folder and then permanently deleted file.  I wish it was that easy with our mind and emotions but ridding my phone and life of their presence is a good beginning.

The backyard is just one big flash of colors.  These birds fly so fast and move and dart with the greatest of ease.  The yellow, red and blue shades of bird are the most spectacular in color as they move and glide about or fight at the feeders.  Birds are no different than us sometimes.  They think someone is getting what is rightfully theirs, so they bully them or they fly off in fear before any bullying can start.  The littlest birds are the feistiest birds.

I read an interesting article this morning about reporters and the NFL.  The NFL is not happy when a reporter scoops a draft selection by a team and tweets it out before the announcement is made from the stage.  It was likened that the reporters that follow these directives are no longer reporters but part of the marketing dept for the NFL.  Interesting comparison. I have thought that a lot about mega churches, that the thought process of information is handled more like commercial marketing than church information.  I realize that much of this happens because of the size of the church membership and not everyone would get the announcement.  It is easier to use terms or phrases that become part of the vernacular.  At the time First Baptist began to refer to the original campus as The Loop it felt kind of insulting that instead of just saying, we need to designate the different campuses by name, it was just fed to us over and over and over again and now I have a good chuckle about it and my poor attitude.  Marketing!  Like I mentioned it is probably due to size of church membership and the marketing background of staff members.  I know smaller churches have issues and the like that big churches don't have, but I am enjoying attending a smaller church yet one that is so mission minded and desiring God to take us to the next level.  It's exciting. It was decided to change the name of Wednesday night services, so they announced this is the name change and why we are changing the name to reflect our hearts and requests to God for revival.   And there you have it.  Keeps me from visiting cynical land and I'm thankful for the work God does in me to make sure I don't become a resident there in cynical land because I used to be an outstanding citizen of that land.

The lovely sheet music paper chain that I mentioned earlier found a home on the model train bridge that I bought at Antique Tobacco Warehouse.  Then I added an old hymnal and a My First Music Book from the early 1900's in the bridge with the paper chain around them.  Looks pretty good.  The library card catalog drawers have been purchased in Katy and in Asheville.  Thought it was a nice touch to the room.  I am a fan of anything that looks like a library.  I put the stationers cabinet on the top of the table and the little lamp made out of an English tea can on top of it.  It's become my favorite room, right now.  It changes daily.  I ordered a rug for the living room yesterday.  Once it arrives, then I can decide on a chair for the room.  I am having a lot of fun with all of this.

Well as usual, there is work awaiting.  Time to vacuum and continue finding a place for things and of course always, there is time to watch the birds.

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