Saturday, May 9, 2015

Nah, Nah, Nah...Bat Vent!

We are experiencing the foggy morning after an evening of rain.  It was a pop up kind of shower complete with lightning and a rainbow or two.  We needed the rain and would gladly accept more.  I felt like I did my part by watering the apple trees early, thus knowing the rain would come.  I almost had my car washed yesterday but I'm glad I didn't.  Yesterday, I got out and about to just wander the countryside.  I came home with a heart shaped companion piece to our dishes and a rain gauge that I didn't get set up before the rain.  Also coming home with me tomatoes from Charleston and SC strawberries.  I'm going to freeze the strawberries for later use but they are really good.

It was such a treat to have supper with the Bill and Vivian last night.  We had hamburgers that were out of this world delicious.  Vivian made an egg custard pie that was awesome.  These friends are spoiling me but I'm not complaining at all.  We did all the fun things, sit on the porch, eat dinner, visit and laugh.  Yep, that completes a pretty fun evening in my books.  I also tried Red Rock Ginger Ale.  Oh my goodness, it is strong and ginger-y and if you inhale while you're drinking, it takes your breath away.  Insert song here.  When I told Roy about it, he said, it's kind of like kissing me isn't it, takes your breath away.  Oh my, ever the romantic one and on topic me is thinking, I'm talking about ginger ale here.  At least I just thought it.

It was a joy to see the return of the goldfinches at the bird feeder after loosing one of their own.  I went back to the Outdoor Bird Store and got the bird bath that attaches to a railing.  Now they don't have to go too far to get a drink of water after a nutritious meal of birdseed.  

I shared this little event on FB this morning and it bears repeating because it is just dang funny even at my expense.  I very rarely anymore sleep on my stomach even though it would be my sleep position of choice.  This morning as the night gave way to day, there in the semi light in our room I awoke and I was sleeping on my stomach.  As I turned to sleep on my side, I looked up and there on the ceiling was a dark object and I immediately think, oh my goodness, a bat got into the house.  With lightning quick moves, ok that part is embellished, I tried to get up and get out of the bedroom.  Only problem, when I sleep on my stomach I eventually bring my hands up and under my shoulders in a fist form.  So, they are asleep and there is no control because I can't feel a thing.  I am a wailing and a flaying at the air and in the process beating myself up badly...I am thinking stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself.  With the return of feeling to my hands, I look up to see if I have scared the bat any...only to realize, it is not a bat but the air vent over our bed.  I also put on my glasses to make the confirmation.  Yes, truly it was the vent...nothing to see here...move along.  So I did, I turned over and went back to sleep.  All the excitement must have worn me out because I slept till 8:30.

On Thursday I made the daring trek down our road and across our yard.  Now many are thinking, so what?  People do that everyday.  Well, this people hasn't in a long time.  One of the apple trees is not getting as much water as the other one, so I switched the hoses.  I must have looked like a granny out there with my hiking stick.  Roy said, you need to use two of those and I would have but one of those sticks was having a major malfunction and I didn't want to be the poster child of 'help I've fallen and I can't get up.'  One tree has little apple buds on it.  The cherry tree is also sprouting fruit but Mike the Mower Man said I would have to sleep under the tree to get to the fruit before the birds.  Besides, the ants would probably get to me there on the ground and carry me off piece by piece.

The rug for the living room came on Thursday.  Truthfully putting down the rug pad was harder than the rug.  I must be in my amber/brick red phase for floor coverings, look at me talking like a designer, because both rugs, the one for the living room and the one for the front room are both those colors.  Now I can go see about finding another chair for the living room and also finding one for our bedroom and the bonus room.

The day awaits.  Going to put my hair up in a tiny ponytail and get to work always being ever vigilant for disguised bats.  Maybe I should make a visit to Bat Cave road off of I 26 this week.

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