Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We Had Fun,Fun Fun...Nobody Had a T-Bird Taken Away

These past few days with Megan and Erin have been such fun but fun can be exhausting.  So I have been rather quiet these past few days because rest dictated my schedule once I got home in the evenings.  The girls got in about 3:45 on Sunday afternoon.  After hanging out here a bit we headed over to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate which would be their home for the next three nights.  Of course they could have stayed here but they got a lot more attention and relaxation there.  This was Megan's first time to stay there and Erin showed her the ropes.  We began at Cedric's.  On Monday per Erin's request we went to Mast General Store in Waynesville.  I was able to order the new chair while I was there.  Then we went to Robin Blu and to a little coffee shop for iced coffees.  Then we drove to downtown Asheville to a gallery that Megan wanted to go to.  Parking is a premium find so we parked at Mast in Asheville, they went to the gallery while I stayed there and shopped.  We headed back to the estate for a late lunch on the veranda.  Yesterday we went to Antique Tobacco Warehouse, the River Art District and the Folk Art Center.  We ate at La Cantina and then I dropped them off at the Biltmore House and I headed back home.  I have been fighting a cold for the past two days and I was zonked.  I rested in the late afternoon and into the evening.  The only thing I did was water some plants in the back.  This morning we ate breakfast, checked out and then headed over to the winery.  They had chosen their selections the evening before but they could get additional discounts with my season pass card, so we went back to the winery before leaving the estate. On the way back home, we stopped so Megan could see and say goodbye to one of her friends from Roades who won a fellowship/grant where she gets to travel the world for research on her topic she submitted.  Got to meet her mom and we exchanged phone numbers.  They have just moved from Atlanta to Asheville.  They bought a beautiful home by the Grove Park Inn.  We made a quick stop at at a produce stand and then home,  They loaded up the car and they were on the way to TN.  I knew if I sat down for a moment, the rest of the afternoon would be lost.  So I headed out to the car wash and then to the grocery store.  Once I got home I fell asleep on the couch and I have my doubts that I will stay up late this evening.  I have not had a cold in a very long I am a bit disappointed that the symptoms rushed in on Monday morning.

Lisa P called last night and it was a blast visiting and laughing with her.  Peggy called the other day and kept me entertained with stories from her life of late.  This morning I read a little devo on why you should go to the Holy Land and why now is a good time to go.  Wayne Stiles has a new book coming out soon, he wrote the devo, and he has gone nine times there.  He talked about how the trip changes you and it does.  Although when Peggy was posting about her trip there, many would say oh I wish I was there right now.  Not me.  I want to go back when it is the New Jerusalem.  For me what I treasure is not what I saw there but what I learned and brought home with me.  The stories in the Bible become more alive and I can picture certain places when we read especially in the OT.

The thought came to me this morning as I was looking out into the back, watching the birds and chipmunks, that that back area would be a good metaphor of the last two months.  I feel like I have come back to life, I feel good, except for this cold, and I want to go and do things and not just stay around the house to conserve energy.  My life looked like that backyard, dormant.  Some of the plants looked like they were weeds several months ago and those plants have bloomed and grown all kinds of green.  I've added some color with other plants but yep, I am like a well watered garden right now. I have been able to make some good choices and truly once again I know the joy of the Lord and yes, it is my strength.

Well, it is time to think about dinner, so I better get to moving.  I have several things to catch up on and only have to wait two days for my next guest/visitor/family...the one I love.

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