Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Happy Sunday All the Way Around

It is a little after 8:00 pm on Sunday night.  It's the birds and the bees and me.  The steady hum of the bees becomes background noise after a while.  These are bumble bees and they pretty much keep to themselves and don't even come near people.  Our porch remodel is delayed a little longer than we like but we understand the circumstances and the busyness of our contractor.  I have finally found the definitive book on backyard birds and I found it at Tractor Supply.  They carry more than tractor needs.  There is a whole new way of thinking about these birds and how territorial they are and how to help them get along at the bird feeders.  I got a finch feeder and filled it with what they like that way the big birds can't run them off because the big birds can't fit on the little tiny feeder.  The robins have discovered the new bird bath and are quite comical when testing it out.  They hop all around the circle of it and stop every so often and take a drink, then hop a little more and take a drink.  Now when they get into the water they have a much bigger space to play and cool off.

Today is Mother's Day and I have thought so often of my mom today.  I miss her and I wish I had been a better daughter to her.  I have more of an understanding of what her life was like with my father when her full attention wasn't directed at him.  I don't think she knew what she had signed up for with him.  Today at church our pastor came into our class and personally handed out to us, each one of us whether we be a mom or not, a gift for us.  I asked the lady next to me if I should take it and she was like, yes honey, of course you should.  I remember one year at First the Mother's Day memento was to go to ONLY mothers.  Of course who needs another book of devotions or junk like that?  Today's gift can totally be used.  It is a small zip bag for change or lipstick or things like that.  Also included was a small pack of scripture memory cards.  Not too long of verses but just right.  This Sunday also begins donations for the crisis pregnancy center here and we were given baby bottles to fill with change, dollars or checks until Father's Day.  Outstanding idea of how to keep them in mind every day.

Instead of going to out to lunch today, I came on home and grabbed lunch here and then ventured out.  I had planned on going to the Rivers Art District for the art stroll but we are experiencing warmer temps and it was just too dang hot for that.  I had a pleasant surprise on my return trip to Whole Foods.  I am getting low on two essential oils.  They only had one and they ordered the other one for me.  They even gave me a carton of peeled oranges for Mother's Day and even the customers seemed nicer than what they were last week.  Since it is Mother's Day there isn't choir practice tonight.  I was able to get out the rest of my flowers in the back.  Whew, I got really hot putting them out.  So now, I am cooling off and watching the sky turn to dusk out here on the front porch with the hum of the bees and the chirping and songs of the birds.  The cows have moved back across the far end of their pasture.  I just now noticed a neighbor across the way has built a new barn.  I'm looking at my hydrangeas and I need to pull out the dead stems.  Well, the street light has come on, so I am going inside.  Happy Mother's Day!

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beckyThurman said...

Love your columns. Just laughed alot at the "bat" story. Totally hilarious!!! You make life so fun. In fact I think I am going to buy a hummingbird feeder and hang on my porch. Used to have one but you have encouraged me again. When do you get to see Roy again?