Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Over the Village and Through the Villes

It is a beautiful Wednesday morning.  The sun is shinning and the birds are out early looking for worms or just hanging around the bird feeders.  I'm up a little earlier than usual having my first cup of coffee of the day.

I don't always live up to the older lady code but I did yesterday as I prepared to go to the new salon.  It is located in Biltmore Village and parking is a premium in that area because it is a favorite of both locals and tourists.  I would consider myself a locrist since I am a combination of the two.  So, I set out an hour before the appointment with planned stops on the way like the Post Office and Williams Sonoma.  It took just about thirty minutes so I had some time to peruse Williams Sonoma.  I am in the market for another peach slicer and that is where I found my last one.  They had a few interesting items in clearance, so it was a win/win all the way around.  By the time I took everything to the car and back, it was just the right time for my hair appointment.  Wink feels very at home for me because it has the same vibe as Emmanuel.  My stylist whose name does not escape me but spelling of it does, is from Brazil, being in the states the past twenty years.  She took time with me, complementing Stevie's brilliant handiwork and skills, although my hair was a bit grown out.  When you think you might unintentionally styling a mullet, it is time for a cut.  We suggested a shorter cut for the summer and since my hair grows quickly, I agreed and I really like it.  Hopefully I can make it look as good as yesterday when I start getting ready for the day.  After the salon, I drove back out to Waynesville for several reasons.  One was to go to Massie's Furniture and begin the search for another chair in the living room but also to stop in at Mast for new hiking sticks.  I figured since these cheap ones from Target break too easily by not holding the tightness of the desired length, I would go up to the third level and look for new hiking sticks.  This is not like Paul who went to the seventh heaven but the third level of Mast, which I have never ever ventured to.  Found just what I was looking for.  Oh, I got ahead of myself in the story.  I parallel parked right in front of Mast.  If you have ever been with me trying to park Sequisha you'll celebrate the victory with me.  Then it was a quick trip next door to the furniture store.  It is a family owned business since 1902 and it is a pleasure to do business with them.  I brought home three fabric pieces to match up with the furniture and rug and they didn't ask me for a deposit.  I took an informal poll on FB yesterday and I think I will go with the plaid and have a pillow made out of the patterned piece.  Along with manufactured goods, they also support local craftsmen and women.  The table in the front room I purchased from them is handmade and yesterday they had a cedar treasure box handmade by another local woodworker.  Such a good price and such a great combination of colors, one had to come home with me.  I don't quite know where it is going yet but it will find a home here.  I stopped at Nettie's and picked up a sandwich to go, made on homemade bread...delicious!  And then I made my way home where I got some more work done upstairs.

I also froze four quarts of strawberries last night.  I felt so much like a mountain-like-woman.  It should be about time for North Carolina strawberries, so I will go to a farmers market or produce stand in the next several days.

Well, adventure awaits so I better go get ready.  It is going to be back in the normal temp range here for this time of year, the 70's.  That is welcomed news.

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