Monday, May 25, 2015

Thankful For So Many Things

Roy is busy in the garage busting up boxes that are too unyielding and heavy for me.  Then we are going to the landfill or as I refer to it, the dump.  No trash pick up today but the landfill is open.  So this is how we will begin our day full of errands and getting things done.  Roy has made the watering of the apple trees more efficient and he made the modem more accessible for this one whose knees don't really want to bend that much.  He is also going to redo the plugs underneath the bed for me because once again, knees don't like to bend.  The morning might have been a disaster because the coffee maker downstairs would not brew.  Good thing the second maker is upstairs in his bonus room.  I came down here, watched a You Tube Video and fixed the coffee maker.  We all have our special gifts entrusted to each of us and thankfully, our weaknesses and our talents offset each other.  It just took several hundred years of marriage to figure out the person who is not gifted in the particular task, shouldn't be involved.  Funny how we finally get things figured out as we grow older.

Sometimes things are topsy turvey here.  I read there was no garbage pickup today, so we didn't put out the trash but we made two trips to the landfill.  Our first load $10.00 and the second load $5.00.  We passed our trash truck on the second trip as they stopped to pick up trash but no recyclables.  So after our second visit to the dump we headed over to Lowe's in Asheville.  Our closest Lowe's is out of the mulch we want.  Roy did a lot of work loading fifteen bags of mulch.  Then we stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond for a few things, but mainly the kind of coffee maker that Roy wants.  Sequisha was loaded down but she did great.  We unloaded and then headed over for another car wash and we vacuumed out the car of all the stray mulch.  Lunch at the okay Mexican place, quick stop in Ace and we made a grocery store run.  Yes, we live the exciting life.

Last night we went to the hamburger and hot dog fellowship at the picnic shelter at our church.  Churches around here all have picnic shelters but Newfound has all others beat because of the spectacular views.  At first I didn't know if I would have a good time because of worrying about getting back down the mountain, but fears soon disappeared as others showed me the other way down.  Oh yeah!  Now I could have a good time.  Our pastor and youth pastor grilled everything and all of the members brought sides, desserts and drinks.  It was a wonderful time of visiting and getting to know each other around those picnic tables.  We are so thankful to have found or should that be to have been led to Newfound.  I'm making friends, love my SS class and love being a choir member.  I told Roy today I like the person I am becoming up here.  God is doing such a good work in my heart and spirit.  It is a joy to slow down and take in all the beauty.  Traffic can be troublesome on the freeways but we get back on these country roads to our home and we are so inclined to enjoy time not race it.

Saturday, we stopped at a produce stand and got fresh peaches.  Roy threw in a couple of apples too.  There is a dish barn type place right next to it, so of course we had to drop in and peruse the place.  I found serving dishes to our dishes.  So if I ever decide you know, to serve something, I know where to get the pieces at a discount.  Lunch was at the Moose Cafe and we also stopped in at the Toyota dealership.  We were quite pleased with the extended maintenance on cars purchased from them and free oil changes for the life of the car, well as long as we own it.  Roy is looking in which car we will trade in and then we will order another Sequoia with four wheel drive for up here.

We have been having so much fun this weekend and that includes all the work we have been doing outside.  We have more to do but we will wait a little while to do more once the sun begins to set.  I don't think Roy loves the birds as much as I do, bu he appreciates the nerd part of me as I explain all the bird stuff to him.  Yes, I am telling him all the research I have done.

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