Sunday, May 17, 2015

A Quiet Sunday...At Least For Now....

For being so tired last night and believing that the moment my head hit the pillow sleep would ensue, the night did not turn out that way.  It was a restless night and probably due to the fact I was so tired but a few other factors are in the equation.  After spending an hour or so relaxing, I started putting away things and starting new jobs right before going to bed.  So my brain woke up while the rest of me was begging for rest.  I also tried having the ceiling fan on high again but the noise it makes is too distracting, so I finally got up and turned down the fan.  So it was fitful sleep for awhile but finally I fell into deep sleep and awoke somewhat refreshed this morning.  There is probably a nap in the future today.

For getting a late start yesterday because easing into the day seemed to be the right thing to do, I got a lot accomplished.  I've been flattening cardboard boxes and removing packing materials and filler because cardboard disposal is free at the landfill...dump.  They ask for the cardboard to be flattened and the dumpster for cardboard was nearly overflowing.  It also involves lots of trips up and down the stairs to said dumpster.  We will have to make another trip with the filler materials etc but then I think we will have whittled down our moving boxes to nothing.  There is more and more room in the garage.  I'm glad I waited to go on a cool morning because doing recyclables is hard work.  Made a quick trip to the PO and then onto the bank.  Another flower run to Lowe's and then I stopped at the local car wash to join the car wash club.  For $14.99 a month you can run your car through the wash as many times as you want.  Vacuums are free.  That is a pretty sweet deal.  Two things, keeping Sequisha clean and being dedicated to hair styling every four weeks, hadn't been practiced here.  Thankfully, those situations were rectified this week.

We had a nice little thunderstorm with rain during the afternoon.  In fact, I had just gotten home when the clouds began to gather and turn dark.  No problem if the car got rained on because it would be back to the car wash.  But I did get everything unloaded and out on the back deck to get some of the rain on the flowers.  Later on in the early evening, I put out a few of the plants and will do the rest later today.  Peggy called me yesterday and we had lots of fun talking.  Me about my nerdly ways of watching nature and she told me about her trip to Israel and Greece.  When she called there were two bunnies, two chipmunks and two doves hanging around the bird feeder and I was looking for an ark but I think the ark must be in Katy because the sound of thunder and rain could be heard in the background on Peggy's end.  She was out in the carport.

It is now Sunday afternoon and the nieces will be here in a little bit.  Excited for their visit.  I kept quite busy yesterday taking care of little things that I have put off until the last minute.  There is always more to do but I have found my stopping point.  We had a guest preacher/speaker at church today and the choir had four altos holding down the fort.  I think the four of us did pretty good.  After our fun get together on Thursday, we all decided we should get together more often.  I am so thankful for the friends I am making in the class.  I think some Houston friends have got their visit to God's country on the calendar.  I look forward to sharing this great adventure with them.

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