Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh How Wonderful

I was looking forward to waking up this morning to the sound of rain but so far no rain, just beautiful sunshine.  It could rain later in the day and the only reason I am anxious for the rain is because of our newly planted apple trees.

Yesterday was the official one month anniversary of being here in NC.  I celebrated by going to The Regeneration Station, antiques and junk, and making another visit to the Antique Tobacco Barn.  While nothing caught my eye at Regeneration, a few small things were purchased at ATB.  Since I was so close I made a quick visit to Home Goods.  I need a few throw rugs in the kitchen but nothing has caught my eye.  I did find a rug for the back deck entrance and a large wire basket to hang out in the garage by the back door.  I also ran by Whole Foods.  I took the scenic way home and I also chose that route to find the nail salon and spa that had been at the spa night Saturday.  

Purposely, I haven't really journaled for this first month.  I wanted to give me time to settle in and to see with new eyes all the new experiences I've had.  Just like clockwork, I woke up being a little more pensive and reflective today.  Each morning I have awakened to new mercies and a huge amount of thankfulness and appreciation.  I am grateful for a slower pace of life.  Sometimes I laugh when I see on Twitter what is called "traffic"around these parts and it is what Houstonian's would call open road.  The kindness of people here is overwhelming and I am using overwhelming in a good way.  Now Home Goods, it is like every other Home Goods, narrow aisles, so it becomes every woman for themselves. The thought of bargains and close confinement doesn't always bring out the best in one. There doesn't seem to be as many stick figures on the back of minivans here which of course is always something I will appreciate.  You don't see a lot of stick figures on cars.  There is more marathon, save the trees, and diversity bumper stickers in Asheville but out here in the country there doesn't seem to be as many of those.  

Last night while eating my salad supper, I watched the birds at the feeder.  It was a veritable birds on parade.  I knew I had heard a woodpecker earlier in the day and lo and behold, he came to the feeder twice last night.  Mr and Mrs Cardinal dined last night but not together.  The two yellow birds dined a long time, together.  Apparently,  no babies to keep one home on or near the nest.  Even a blue bird made a brief showing.  Lots of robins, wrens and sparrows.  Nerd Nancy sat at the table with fork in one hand and bird book in the other.  The young bunnies were out last night playing in the pasture above me.  What a wonderful view at dinner time.  

Most of the late afternoon was spent in the garage, tearing up boxes that either I will take to the dump to recycle or put out as recyclables with the regular trash on Monday.  The box situation seemed to be getting out of hand.  I also took the time to rearrange a few things in the garage.  Parking is going to be much easier with many of those things up and out of the way.  You should have seen the sheer muscle of me ripping and tearing up those boxes.  I counted it as exercise.  There are a few more from the house that need to be taken care of and that is on the agenda for today.  

My care package from Roy should be here today.  A few magazines, decorative items and medicine.  Great timing on the meds cause I am down to the last pill today for my knees.  The essential oils have helped me so much.  I am not a fan of their fragrance but less pain trumps fragrance these days. It is about time for me to make another batch and when I do I am making some up for a couple of friends here.  Hopefully, they will see as much relief as I have.

Now, it is Thursday morning.  There were so many things I wanted to accomplish yesterday and I just about met my goal.  The bedroom with the queen bed in it still needs work but not as much as it did yesterday.  I assembled and moved the PB desk for that room too. Not an easy task but it went ok because I take breaks.  I hung a few more pictures too.  Roy will no longer be a vagabond because I got his clothes put away in the dresser.  First I had to make room by rearranging a few things.  More boxes flattened and a few more things patiently waiting in the garage made it into the house.  By the end of the day I felt a good porch rocking was deserved.  What a beautiful evening.

I also hung a new bird feeder out back and the small birds are liking it better.  It is one of those tube kind that keeps squirrels out.  Think they like the compact size.  So, this morning it is a very popular place.

Mike the mower man is coming by with extra hoses and sprinklers to water the apple trees.  I appreciate his kindness with this.  Cause if it doesn't rain today, the chance of rain isn't too good for the next few days.  Which is great but not for the apple trees.

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