Saturday, April 18, 2015

Daily Info Not Needed but Thanks for Reading Anyway

Good Morning Saturday!  I slept in just a bit because I was too wired to go to sleep last night.  Don't know why I was so wired but it might have been due to the fact I ate dinner later than usual.  I had thought about getting up and going over to Turkey Creek for breakfast but there is delicious stuff here and having a pajama morning isn't sounding so bad.  I had thought about going to look at a couple of shops in Weaverville today but I have plenty, yes plenty around here to keep me occupied.

Lowe's called yesterday at 7:05 am to let me know the refrigerator we bought should be in and delivered that day.  That is good news really since the refrigerator here is freezing everything even on the lowest setting but as good as that news is, I could have still celebrated that a little later in the morning.  A little later the delivery company for a chair I had ordered called and wanted to know if they could deliver it today instead of next week.  Sure thing, so I hurriedly got ready for the day and headed out to the dump.  I am so glad I pre-loaded the car on Thursday.  When I got there the scales were being fixed but the girl behind the window was outside giving instructions to those of us who had come.  She recognized me and asked if it was still packing boxes and materials and I responded, yes.  She offered me this solution because looking inside Sequisha she knew that there was only a trash bag full of packing material and she blessed my heart noting that we had made three trips out there already.  She offered me this gift and I almost didn't take it because I was more than willing to pay the $10.00 but since I had very little packing material, she offered to let me put all the cardboard in the free bin and then put everything else in the regular bins for free.  While reaching for the $10.00 I heard in my spirit, accept this gift.  So I did.  It was much harder work and more time consuming and I was thinking I am not going to make it back in time for the delivery.  And the free cardboard bin is accessible by steps and I made a few trips up and down but thankfully my athletic skills of old came back and I was able to throw that folded cardboard over the top and into the bin...only having to re-throw just one box.  After getting everything deposited into the correct bins, I was off with some time to spare to the Post Office.

Who knew so many words could be dedicated to being down in the dump(s) and learning something from the Lord in that experience?

The chair was delivered by just one man, in a van, down by the river...oops sorry, a little SNL Chris Farley slipped in.  I helped him bring the chair in and put into the room of my choice but he could not take the protective wrapping off per the contract.  I need Roy for all this fine print stuff.  At least it wasn't hard to get off and there wasn't anything to put together.  The chair looks really nice in the front room.  It is just the right size for the space.

With the chair delivered, I was able to go back to the Post Office and mail a package to my niece Megan and then run the rest of my errands which included a stop at the bank, gas station and grocery store.  Yep, living the high life here.  I had planned on stopping at the Mexican food restaurant for some queso and chips but at the store I saw some queso that looked pretty good.  So I picked up a bag of Tostitos and hoped for the best.  I had the queso with the tacos last night and it was good, really good.  It is the white cheese queso like at Jimmy Changa's or Escalante's.  

In the late afternoon a storm was a brewing over the mountains in the distance.  The temps were getting cooler by the minute and the air was graced with the scent of rain, flowering blooms and cut grass.  This has to be heaven for the senses.  The mountain disappeared behind the rain for just a little bit and I was mesmerized by that view taking place right there from the comfort of the front porch.  We got some rain a little later in the evening but nothing significant.

While waiting for the chair delivery I did get some things taken care of and I learned something new, there is a blue bird house on the front of a support beam of the front porch.  Now that's exciting along with the plenteous sightings of cardinals.   A few of the wrens have taken advantage of the small birdbath on the back deck.

Thank you for reading today for all your shopping, delivery, birding, and dumping information.  Stay tuned, it will only get better....I hope.

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